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Greyie Blood  [Indexed]

Postby Castle » May 22nd, 2014, 3:11 am

Forum Username: CastleBlood14019
Character name: Greyie Blood
Blood Status: Pureblood (Muggleborn, Halfblood, Pureblood)
Age, Year & House: 14, 4th year, Ravenclaw
Patronus: Patronus is a Hare (Shield Form, Incorporeal Animal or Solid Animal. Optional: Why this one? What does it say about your character?)

Optional: Wand: RowanWood, Phoenix Feather, 10' (Wood, Core. Length, Qualities. Optional: Describe the meaning/qualities of your chosen wand properties.)
Appearance: Black straight Hair, Pretty short (about 5'1/5'2), Reasonably Skinny (Hair, Height, Build, etc.)
Spoiler: show

Personality: Upon first apperance Greyie can seem very shy and timid around stranger or people she first meets so not many people approach her. The ones who do approach her and befriend her become quite shocked that she is very loud and outgoing but can be very trustworthy and loyal when needs be.
History: Greyie was born into a PureBlood Family consisting of her Older Sister and her Mother and Father. Not much is known about her parents except they very loyal to their children and their family, they have low-ranking jobs but are still pretty wealthy. From a young age Greyie was taught about their family history and upon being taught learned that they're cousins of both the Black and Lupin family and are Very very Distance relatives of the Potter Family.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Strengths: Has a way with animals, reasonably intelligent, very good when it comes to theory, Potions, flying
Weakness: Is terrible with communicating, Astronomy, History of Magic
Other Skills: She finds it easy when it comes to essays and school work in general
If a 6th or 7th year, a list of NEWT classes: N/A

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