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Ben Roberts  [Indexed]

Postby Riverfirebolt » August 19th, 2013, 6:03 am

Forum Username:

Character name:
Ben Roberts

Blood Status: (Muggleborn, Halfblood, Pureblood)

Age, Year & House:
11, 1st year, Gryffindor.

Patronus: (Shield Form, Incorporeal Animal or Solid Animal. Optional: Why this one? What does it say about your character?)
Doesn't even know what one is yet.
When he does get a patronus it will probably be a Kneazle. As he has grown up unknowingly with Kneazles on the farm and has one as a pet to take to school.

Optional: Wand: (Wood, Core. Length, Qualities. Optional: Describe the meaning/qualities of your chosen wand properties.)
Length: 14 1/2 in
Wood: Red Oak
Core: Unicorn
Flexibility: Slightly Yielding
Quite a long wand considering he is so short. Red Oak meant to show a hot temper but can just be quick reactions. Unicorn hair means it is loyal and consistent if not that powerful.

Appearance: (Hair, Height, Build, etc.)
Short, skinny, lightly tanned skin, black hair always too long, hates having it cut, blue eyes. Will grow to be a lot taller just over 6 foot eventually but for the moment is a little shorter than average for his age. Quite average looking, can't tell yet if he will be handsome or not.
Spoiler: show

Personality: (See 'creating interesting PC')
Talks a lot, normally without thinking, can come across as quite mean sometimes as he is very sarcastic.
Loves music and playing the guitar, thinks he is a lot better at it than he really is, in the muggle world is rarely seen without his ipod.
Prefers being outdoors to being indoors loves sport, especially football and swimming and animals, hates studying unless it is something that really interests him.
As soon as he learns about Animagi he is determined to learn to be one and spends a lot of time reading up on it and trying to work it out, not successfull for quite some time yet if at all.

History: (See 'creating interesting PC')
Grew up as part of a large family, two older brothers, one older sister and one of each younger than him. in rural Ireland, no wizards in family as far as they know, parents own a farm, which has been in the family for about five generations, so he has grown up with animals and was always expected to work on the farm when he grew up, although he harboured a secret desire to be a rock star he has told no-one else about.
Family knew there was something strange about him but were never really sure what it was, there was nothing tangible, but he always seemed to work better with the animals then the other members of the family and the whole family always thought the way he talked to his cat Smoky was weird. Now they know about magic the family also suspect his younger sister Louise who is a year younger than him is also magical but they aren't really sure yet.
Whole family are very excited that he is a wizard and are hoping he can learn some stuff that will help them run the farm better when he leaves school. As yet they have no idea what but are convinced it can only be a good thing him being a wizard.
He is really worried about going to Hogwarts, a little nervous as he has never been apart from his family before. He is also very worried as the teacher who came to see them to talk about Hogwarts told him that muggle devices won't work at Hogwarts so he can't take his ipod and doesn't quite know how he will get to listen to music.
Takes his pet cat which is really a kneazle to school with him, doesn't realise that an owl would have been more useful to send letters home and stuff as really hasn't got his head around owl post etc yet. the Kneazle is called Smoky it is skinny and dark grey and spends most of its time wandering in the grounds on its own somehow though it always finds Ben when he is out in the grounds doing something, But he very rarely sees him in the castle.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Strengths, Is quite a good flyer.
Turns out he has a natural affinity with animals.
Weaknesses, tends to speak before he thinks, is very sarcastic and is quite lazy when it comes to things he is not interested in. Always leaves homework until the last minute and does the minimum amount possible. Not very academic.
Average intelligence if he worked hard he would probably do ok, but just doesn't always apply himself. Favourite phrase of his muggle teachers on his school report cards is "could try harder".

Academic subjects.
Good at - DADA, Herbology
Average at - Potions (mainly beacuse of the link to herbology), Transfiguration (due to the extra reading he does on Animagi)
Terrible at - History of Magic, Astronomy, Charms,

Extra curricular - Choir. Tries out for Quidditch.

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