Elena's Collection

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Elena's Collection

Postby Elena » April 25th, 2013, 9:56 am

Hogwarts: A History:
Spoiler: show

Prized Professors:
Spoiler: show

Harry Potter and the Set of Figures:
Spoiler: show

Quality Quidditch Surprise 1:
Spoiler: show
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image

Quality Quidditch Surprise 2:
Spoiler: show
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble:
Spoiler: show
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image Image

Honeydukes' Hoard:
Spoiler: show

Precious Pets:
Spoiler: show

Broomsticks Galore:
Spoiler: show

Hagrid's Biggest Dream:
Spoiler: show

Collectors' Collection:
Spoiler: show

Tales of the Travelling Wizard:
Spoiler: show
ImageImage Image

Anything Hagrid Likes:
Spoiler: show

A Very Potter Collection:
Spoiler: show

Dumbledore's Army:
Spoiler: show

Wicked Wizards:
Spoiler: show
None collected yet

PFF Collection:
Spoiler: show

Common Room Collection:
Spoiler: show

Special Figures:
Spoiler: show

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Posts: 3872
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Points on hand: 0.00
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Elena's Activity Log

Postby Elena » August 16th, 2015, 9:09 am

Spoiler: show
April 25th - Started collection, used machine, and awarded PFF Flag
May 2nd - Used machine
May 10th - Used machine
May 11th - Normal token bought
May 17th - Used machine
May 24th - Used machine
May 31st - Used machine
June 4th - Normal token brought
June 7th - Used machine
June 16th - Used machine
June 23rd - Used Machine and used bonus token won on obstacle course
June 25th - Traded Draught of Living Death with RiverFirebolt for Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
June 27th - Normal Token Bought
June 28th - Sealed Envelope awarded
June 30th - Used machine
July 4th - Normal Token bought
July 5th - Awarded Hufflepuff Points Bar and Hufflepuff Snake
July 5th - Traded Bloody Baron for Patronus 27's Fat Friar
July 8th- Used Machine
July 11th - Normal token bought
July 12th - Traded Madam Hooch with Rhynn for Salazar Slytherin. Awarded M.o.M. Cookie
July 15 - Used Machine, Traded Draught of Living Death Token, for Heartrose's Slytherin Quidditch Team token http://pottermoreforum.net/viewtopic.php?p=253062#p253062
July 17 - Traded in 4 WARTS tokens
July 19 - Traded with River, his Helga Hufflepuff for her Phoenix Feather viewtopic.php?p=254090#p254090
July 20th - Traded Riv's Professor McGonagall for Elena's Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages. Traded Elena's Living Death Potion for Sapphires Goblet of fire.
July 22nd - used machine, Awarded Hufflepuff Eagle. Traded Elena's Hufflepuff Quiditch with Riddle7052's Felix Felicis.
July 25th - Traded Elena's Caerphilly Catapults for Rhynn's Professor Flitwick.
July 29th - Used machine, bought rare token.
Aug 3rd - Awarded Hufflepuff chess Piece.
Aug 5th - Used Machine, normal token bought.
August 7 - Traded her Wigtown Wanderer for River's Bloody Baron http://pottermoreforum.net/viewtopic.php?p=258080#p258080
August 9 - Used PFF Birthday Token
August 13th - Used Machine, normal token bought
August 20th - Used Machine, normal token bought
August 27th - Used Machine, normal token bought
Sept 3rd - Used Machine, normal token bought
Sept 4th - Traded Godric Gryffindor for River's Wigtown Wanderer's, traded prof. Sprout for Avis' Gray Lady
Sept 8th - Traded Potionscale's Nearly Headless Nick with Elena's Goblet of fire. Awarded Vending Machine
Sept 9th - used newbie token from the Bi-Weekly Signature Contest
Sept 10 - Used Machine, bought normal token
Sept 12th - Awarded Hufflepuff Prophet
Sept 17th - Used Machine, bought normal token
Sept 24th - Used Machine, bought token from Honeyduke's Hoard Collection; Traded in 3 duplicates (D.L.D., Skele-Gro & Falmouth Falcons) to the machine for two new tokens (Hooch & Caerphilly Catapaults)
Sept 27th - traded Draught of Living Death for Patronus' Order of the Phoenix token
Oct 1st - used machine, bought normal token
Oct 3rd - TradedBertie Botts' Beans for RiverFirebolt's Quirrell
Oct 8th - used machine, bought normal token
Oct 25th - Used Machine, Bought normal token
Nov 1st - Awarded Elder Wand
Nov 2nd - traded Sleeping Draught for Avis' Pepperup Potion
Nov 7th - Used Machine, Bought normal token
Nov 9th - Traded Pepperup Potion for Riv's Montrose Magpies, traded Nearly Headless Nick for Oak's Pumpkin Pasty
Nov 15th - used machine, bought normal token
Nov 22nd - used machine, bought normal token
Dec 11th - Used machine, normal token bought
Dec 12th - Traded Elena's Godric Gryffindor for Oaknights Ginger Newt.
Dec 19th - used machine and bought Broomsticks Galore set token
Dec 23rd - Traded KC's Acid Pop for Elena's Salazar Slytherin.
Dec 27th - Used Machine and bought Rare token.

Jan 3rd - Used token won in Pin the Nose on Rudolph.
Jan 6th - Used machine, Bought normal token
Jan 12th traded Caerphilly Catapults for Trupper's Amortentia
Jan 14th -used machine
Jan 15th - traded Acid Pop for River's Draught of Living Death
Jan 22nd - Used machine, claimed WART tokens (4 normal, 2 equalizers)
Jan 23rd - Traded Wimbourne wasps for Riv's Prisoner of Azkaban
Jan 24th - Traded Elena's Salazar slytherin for Avis' Moontrimmer.
Jan 29th - used machine, bought normal token
Jan 30th - Awarded PFF Crest.
Jan 31st - Traded Thestral's Tales of Beedle the Bard for Elena's Ginger Newt, Ballycastle Bats, Professor Trelawney and Professor Hooch.
Feb 6th - Used Machine, Bought Hagrids dream set token
Feb 7th - Traded in 6 duplicates for a non duplicate token.
Feb 12th - Traded Elena's Slytherin Team for Emmy's Holyhead Harpies.
Feb 13th - used machine, bought Potions set token
Feb 14th - Used token won in Find the Cupids.
Feb 21st - used machine, traded Ginger Newt and Arnold for KC's Peppermint Toad and Silver Arrow
March 2nd - Used machine, normal token bought
Mar 6th - Awarded Gnome Tossing Token
Mar 7th - Awarded Hufflepuff Month token, traded Helga Hufflepuff, Ballycastle Bats, Amortentia and Ginger Newt back to the machine for a non-duplicate normal token
Mar 9th - Used machine normal non duplicate token bought
March 17th - Used machine. bought non dupilcate
April 6th - Used machine.
April 7th - Traded Holyhead Harpies for Rose's Mrs Norris.
Apr 13th - Used machine, bought non duplicate.
Apr 23rd - used machine, bought non duplicate
May 18th - Used machine, bought non duplicate token.
June 25th - Awarded Philosophers Stone challenge token.
August 2nd - Used machine and bought non duplicate token
August 17th - Claimed 5 WART's normal tokens.
December 6th - used machine

May 29 - Used machine
June 2nd - Traded Drooble's Blowing gum and Philosopher'stone for Rhynn's Red vines
June 3rd - Traded in 4 duplicates for a Anything Hagrid Likes set token
Jun 6- Traded with Ash
Sept 11th - Used Machine.
Sept 15th - Traded Vanishing Cabinet for Moon's Fang
September 25th - Used machine
October 9th - Used machine.
October 23rd - Used machine.
November 13th - Used
Nov 27th - Used machine.
December 11th - Used machine
December 30th - Used machine

January 9th - Traded her duplicate Rowena Ravenclaw (Hogwarts, a History) for Bren's duplicate Dragon (Anything Hagrid Likes)
January 15th - Used machine
January 29th - Used machine
February 12th - Used machine
July 27th - Used machine

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