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Individual Points Comp - 6th Birthday Edition

Posted: July 8th, 2017, 8:28 am
by DawnPumpkin33
Welcome to the PFF Individual Points Competition - 6th Birthday Edition.

We are planning a month-long points competition to start next week and run through until the forum's sixth birthday. Yes, that's right: Sixth, on August 9th. :shock: :o

In previous years, we have had three or four mods run all the games. This year, however, with so few members we thought we may try something different - let the members do some of the work. :P

What we plan to do is open up a special forum where anyone can run a game. We will give you a list of our usual games , with access to images for Hangman, Parseltongue, etc. and help on how to run the games. Members can then sign up to run a game; we will need you to sign up as obviously we don't want ten hangman games. Members can earn points by playing the other games, but also by successfully running their own game.

Some games are relatively simple (Lotto, Guess how many beans in the jar etc.); some a little more complex (Hangman, Musical Chairs, Snap etc.); some need photo editing knowledge (Find the, Pin the tail/nose/horn on the etc.). Please bear this in mind when signing up and if you can edit images consider taking one of those games, leave simpler ones for people with no experience of this.

A sign up topic and full instructions along with images resources will be posted soon.

Re: Individual Points Comp - 6th Birthday Edition

Posted: July 8th, 2017, 12:55 pm
by covlolly
I used to love all the past birthday celebrations