PFF - Fifth Birthday Olympic Games

In here you'll find old games and events which are based on games (like for instance the Summer Camp).

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Re: PFF - Fifth Birthday Olympic Games

Postby Riverfirebolt » November 19th, 2016, 6:31 am

Ok, finally the news you've all been waiting for...the long anticipated...nobody could possibly guess who you even remember that far back... PFF Fifth Birthday Olympics results...

As a reminder going into the final challenge, the scores were...

Mighty Dragon Ticklers - 336
Team Who Must Not Be Named - 121

So close you couldn't slide a greasy strand of Snape's hair inbetween them.

So the anticipation built, finally we had four members of each team do the final challenge, I resigned Dani kept missing Skyye in chat, so we gave up, left it at four each. Then forgot all about telling you guys who had won.

The final results were nearly as close as an American Election so we've spent the last two and a half months fighting legal battles to ensure the results cannot be contested. (Are you listening Rook?) Anyway the results are finally in...

The final challenge was a whitewash for the Team Who Must Not Be Named, with the scores being...

Mighty Dragon Ticklers - 115
Bren -31
Manuel -27
Sunset -40
Ash -17

Team Who Must Not Be Named - 64
Rook -15
Lindsay -25
Cora -4
Thes -20

Sadly for them it was too little, too late, leaving the final overall scores at...

Total Scores
Mighty Dragon Ticklers - 221
Team Who Must Not Be Named - 57

So congratulations to The Mighty Dragon Ticklers you have all won a rare Capsule token which will be added to your collection shortly. If you don't have a collection let us know and we will sort something out.

Of course this being PFF and me being a Hufflepuff nobody leaves empty handed, so you will all also receive a special token for taking part. Again these will be added to your Capsule Collections shortly.

So, congratulations to the Mighty Dragon Ticklers, commiserations to the Team Who Must Not Be Named, thanks for taking part, hopefully see you again in four years.

Translation, results were on my computer, finally remembered to find them. Sorry. :oops:

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Re: PFF - Fifth Birthday Olympic Games

Postby Poppy » November 19th, 2016, 7:20 am

Hahah wasn't around for this but congratulations The Mighty Dragon Ticklers!!

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Re: PFF - Fifth Birthday Olympic Games

Postby Ashdust » November 19th, 2016, 8:46 am

Thanks River. Well done everyone and Thanks Dani and River for all your work on this, it was fun. :D

(And don't worry River, we knew the delay was your fault. :P)
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Re: PFF - Fifth Birthday Olympic Games

Postby Bren » November 19th, 2016, 10:11 am

Thanks to Dani, River and everyone who helped :hogwarts:
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