Evelynn Rose Feaetherfew

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Evelynn Rose Feaetherfew

Postby Alien Iris » October 9th, 2015, 3:49 pm

Quick Summary: Evelynn is a first year muggleborn (or quaterblood) Gryffindor. She is Iris's sister and has dark red hair and hazel eyes. She is spunky and oblivios to nearly all of her problems, she spends her time failing at her homework. She is good at History of Magic. Currently Evelynn has no enemies but most likey they would call her something along the lines of Firecracker. For more information, read below.

Forum Username: Iris Featherfew

Character name: Evelynn Rose Featherfew

Blood Status: Muggleborn, or Quarter-Blood (see History)

Age, Year & House: 11, 1st, Gryffindor

Patronus: Patronus to be, Raccoon. She likes to hide.

Optional: Wand: Beech, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2 , Snappy, good for charms The wood was chosen because she loves the beach. She is bright and can’t really be knocked down was the reason for the feather. She has a quick wit was why it was snappy. The reason for charms is that… well… I don’t have one...

Appearance: She has dark red hair, so dark it nearly appears purple. She is 4’ 10”. She is somewhat lanky, looking like a puppet figure in comparison.

Personality: She is a spunky and nearly the complete opposite of my previous character, Iris. She works hard at her school work, though she nearly always fails… She LOVES being a witch, mainly because she tried for two years to make it to school with Iris. She nearly made it once… She is a good strategist though she never quite follows her plans. She works hard at everything she does, possibly to hard. She loves her sister and can frequently be seen trying to convince her to do something social.

History: She was born right before her sister, Iris, was found in the woods. When Iris was accepted into Hogwarts, Evelynn was determined to go too. The first year she nearly made it on the train, the second she made it all the way to Hogsmeade before being sent back home. Her grandfather was a wizard, though she doesn’t know it. He died before her mom was born so her parents don't know either. She nearly set off the fire alarm when she got her Hogwarts letter.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:

Strengths: Wit, Excellent
Hard Worker, Good
Planner, Average
PIcking out important parts in waffle, Excellent

Weaknesses: Horrible at nearly all magic, Annoying, Gets angry easily, Oblivious to her problems.

Classes: Ranked 1 to 10 10 being excellent.
Potions 1
Charms 3
Herbology 7
Transfiguration 1
Astronomy 4
History of Magic 10

The reason she is good at History of Magic is that she is used to her sister droning on for hour on an interesting subject and is good at it. Fellow house members tend to copy her notes. Also it involves no wand work.

If a 6th or 7th year, a list of NEWT classes: Not yet

Status: Seen Fantastic Beasts and loved it

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