Iris Harp Featherfew

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Iris Harp Featherfew

Postby Alien Iris » October 7th, 2015, 5:23 pm

Quick summary: Iris is a third year pureblood Ravenlaw, raised by muggles. She is quite, not shy, and spends most of her time reading up to 10 books a day. She has white blond hair and green eyes. She herself does not support Grindlewald and is not a pure blood elitist, but understands those viewpoints. She plays the viola in the Hogwarts Orchestra. If your character does not wish to be friendly to Iris, her nickname is Goddess. She has Persian cat named Mint, who hangs around in the Ravenclaw common room. For more information, read below

Forum Username: Iris Featherfew

Forum Name: Iris Featherfew

Character name: Iris Harp Featherfew

Blood Status: Pureblood

Age, Year & House: 13, 3rd, Ravenclaw

Patronus: Hippogriff, Patronus to be. The reason she has this Patronus is because she never judges by appearance or house. Even though the Hippogriff looks undesirable they are kind as long as you respect them.

Wand: Pine, Unicorn Hair, 10 1/2, Bendy, Good for Transfiguration. There was no reason for the pine, but my character has a lighter blond color of hair. The length doesn't really have any whim or reason. The wand is bendy because Iris bends under pressure, also she usually hides her true self, making the wand good at transfiguration/

Appearance: Her hair is a very light shade of blonde, nearly white. She is around 5'5’’ and has a slight build, wisp like.

Personality: Iris is a quiet girl, not to be confused with shy, which she is NOT. She can come off as snobbish because she rarely speaks to others that she is not familiar with. She enjoys being a witch, even if it surprised her adoptive parents, (see below). Her favorite class is Transfiguration. It teaches her many tricks to staying concealed in the background.

Some of the Gryffindors have nicknamed her Goddess, as most of them will not try to talked to her more than once. I figured they would call her this because Gryffindors typically are more outgoing and didn't seem to understand shyness from my understanding. The story behind it was that she was paired up with a Gryffindor in Herbology and didn't speak at all. That began her reputation as a snobbish person. As for the nickname itself, Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow, most likely one of the Gryffindors was obsessed with Zeus and the Greek gods at some point and remembered.

History: She is a pureblood witch, but she grew up with Muggle parents. They found her at age three, crying in front of an abandoned mine shaft, which was actually a manner, right after her parents were killed. They took her in and she was raised alongside Evelynn, her younger “sister”. She loves them to the very end.

When she was about three, she was walking in the woods surrounding her manor with both of her parents at night. Around halfway along a eerie howl sounded and a werewolf bounded out of the trees and killed her parents. She screamed and ran as fast as she could back to her house, but as her parents had the key, she was forced to sit on the doorstep. Thats where the Muggle couple found her the next day.

As of today she doesn’t know who set the werewolf on her parents. ((It was a Grindlewald follower, her parents were not supporters.))

She herself does not support Grindlewald and is not a pure blood elitist, but understands those viewpoints and is not against befriending them.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Strengths: Self control, Going unnoticed, Listening
Weaknesses: Being “snobbish”, Potions, she can never get them right, never knowing when to speak
Skills: Speed Reading, not per say a “skill” but still comes in handy, Excellent
Transfiguration, Good
Charms, Average
Herbology, Average

Classes: Astronomy A
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts A or E
Herbology A
History of Magic A
Potions D
Transfiguration O

Elective Classes: Care of Magical Creatures A
Divination E
Arithmancy A

Extra-curricular Activities: Hogwarts Orchestra, She plays the viola. She gets very angry if people call it a violin and can often be seen playing it out by the Black Lake in her free time.

If a 6th or 7th year, a list of NEWT classes: Not there yet!

Status: Seen Fantastic Beasts and loved it

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