Rhea Brown

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Rhea Brown

Postby Rosaline55 » October 31st, 2017, 10:25 am

Character Name: Rhea Brown

Age: 11 House:Gryffindor Year:1

Wand:Rowan wood/12 inches/dragon heartstring

Patronus: Most probably a toucan.People with this patronus are usually pretty and cheerful,thus suiting Rhea perfectly.

Blood Status: Half blood

Appearance: Rhea is tall,fair with shoulder length golden curly hair and has light brown eyes.She is quite pretty.

Qualities: Pretty,cheerful,helpful and loyal to her friends.She is quite lazy but can be extremely intelligent at times.She is a bit talkative.

History : Rhea lives in a neat and tidy cottage with her mother who is a wonderful cook,elder sister Rene,20 years old, and father who is a doctor in St Mungo's. Mrs Brown is a Muggle born and runs a well known bakery 'The Sweet Tooth' beside their cottage along with Rene who is equally good a cook.The family lives happily and peacefully without any fear of Grindelwald because they believe that they are doing no harm to the people,neither are they helping Grindelwald.

Hobbies:Cooking(she's taken that after her mother),painting and creating very funny jokes.

Strengths: History of Magic,Herbology and Potions.

Weakness: Astronomy and Transfiguration.
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