Fern Gray

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Fern Gray

Postby Alien Iris » September 29th, 2017, 2:16 pm

Forum Username: Iris Featherfew

Character name: Fern Gray

Blood Status: Half-blood

Age, Year & House: 14, 4rd, Slytherin

Patronus: Currently a fine mist.

Wand: Ebony, Dragon Heartstring, 14 ½ inches, Rigid Flexibility
((I would type up a description, but it's would mostly be plagiarizing Pottermore. If you would like to know, look there.))

Appearance: Her hair is dark brown and wavy. She’s never cut it, besides to trim, so it reaches to her mid-back. She also has brown eyes, which always seem to be glancing around.

Personality: Fern always sticks with what she thinks is right, regardless of the truth behind it. This makes her a rather difficult person to deal with, as she simply cannot see the other person's point of view. She tends to blurt out her opinions at bad times, which has cost Slytherin a good amount of house points.

She doesn’t make friends easily, but people can usually stand her in small doses. She’s a terrible secret-keeper, she uses them to make points. Many secrets she has been told have been given away in this fashion.

Fern is a jokester but doesn’t usually prank much. She is terrible at whispering. One day she hopes to commentate a Quidditch match.

History: Fern is a half-blood, born to a Muggleborn Mother and a Half-Blood Father. She is the youngest of four. Her three older brothers went into each of the other houses, so as a result, they have house cup chore tournaments during the summer.

The Gray household is a loud place full of shouting and clanging pots and general ruckus. The only way to be heard was to be the loudest opinion there. This is the reason Fern has such a loud personality, she had to develop it. Any newcomers are generally taken aback by the environment.

Her family openly opposes Grindelwald. This worries Fern, but she generally just ignores the situation. As a result of this, a good portion of her house resents her.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Strengths: Volume, DADA, Always energetic
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, Doesn’t get along with people very fast, HoM
Skills: Origami, Quidditch Knowledge

Classes: Astronomy A
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts O
Herbology E
History of Magic P
Potions A
Transfiguration A

Elective Classes: Care of Magical Creatures A
Muggle Studies A

Extra-curricular Activities: An avid supporter of all of the Quidditch teams. She is the current commentator.

If a 6th or 7th year, a list of NEWT classes: Not there yet!

Status: Seen Fantastic Beasts and loved it

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