Priya Raj

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Priya Raj

Postby Rosaline55 » July 24th, 2017, 6:12 am

NAME: Priya Raj
AGE: 12
HOUSE: Slytherin
PATRONUS: Most probably a cobra
WAND: 13 inches,willow wood,dragon hair
APPEARANCE: She has waist length,black straight hair, brown eye,tall,slim and is fair. Priya parts her hair from right side and is a lefty .
Qualities: Quiet, common Intelligence( which is of no use during studies) and very athletic .
History: Priya and Preeti(her twin) live in India with their parents and two elder brothers in a pleasant meadow. Their elder brothers- Ryan,21 and Rehan,!9 work in the Ministry .Unknown to all, MR and MRS Raj are secret informers of Grindelwald's.Preeti wants to follow her parents' footsteps while Priya is interested only in Quidditch.
Strengths: DADA,Quidditch and Transfiguration
Weakness: Astronomy and History
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