Taylor Dean Lunabranch

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Taylor Dean Lunabranch

Postby Caronis Tarrenarm » May 30th, 2017, 3:24 am

Username: Caronis Tarrenarm

Name: Taylor Dean Lunabranch

Age, House & Year level: 11, Gryffindor, 1st Year

Wand: 13 inch Hawthorn/Dragon heartstring. Excellent wand for Defence against the Dark Arts.

Patronus: None yet, would probably be a Mink. An unusual patronus, people with the Mink patronus are clever, funny and a pleasure to spend time with.

Blood status: Pure-blood.

Appearance: Tall, brown eyes, black hair, dark-skinned.

Personality: Generous, intelligent, innovative and fun-loving.

History: Taylor lives with his parents, Julian and Trinity, brother, Blake, and sisters, Carrie, Danielle, Leslie, Annika and Thalia, in Norwich, England. He joins his sister, Carrie (6th year), in Gryffindor. Danielle (1st year) and Annika (6th year ) are in Ravenclaw, Blake (5th year) is in Hufflepuff, Leslie (6th year) and Thalia (6th year) are in Slytherin. Their parents were also Slytherins. Taylor hails from a long line of wizards known for its natural affinity for magic. He distinguished himself at an early age when he won an Apprentice Magicians competition. He earns his place in Gryffindor after rescuing another child from a flooded river. He and sister, Danielle, are twins, whilst their older sisters are rare identical quadruplets. The Lunabranches are wary and cautious regarding Gellert Grindelwald. Even when in relationships with people they trust, there’s always the fear that they harbor hidden agendas or will change and turn against trusted friends.

Strengths: History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Herbology.

Weaknesses: Transfiguration, Potions and Charms.

Hobbies: Coin collecting & aeromodeling.

Notes: Taylor owns a male Long-Eared Owl named Adriano. His parents are also registered Animagi (Julian: Fox), (Trinity: Praying mantis).

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