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Wolfe Cross  [Indexed]

Postby Thedoctor97 » July 24th, 2014, 8:12 pm

Forum Username: Thedoctor97
Character name: Wolfe Cross
Blood Status: Halfblood
Age, Year & House: 15, 5th Year, Gryffindor (May 6th 1998)
Patronus: (Shield Form, Incorporeal Animal or Solid Animal. Optional: Why this one? What does it say about your character?) Wolf (The patronus shows that he is brave and is ready for danger. He is like a wolf either waiting for its pray or for being prayed)
Optional: Wand: Spruce Wood, Dragon core, 12.3/4', Surprisingly Swishy.
Appearance: Wolfe has short, dirty blonde hair, is pretty small for his age, skinny but somewhat muscular and has green eyes.
Personality: Wolfe is a loner. He is known for his quiet manner, and his reserved personality. He is firm and will stand up for anything he believes is right. He doesnt really care what others think. However, Wolfe can find friends and be loyal and friendly towards them. Wolfe is gay. He may seem tough, but in truth he has a very warm heart, and is ready to find the right guy to make him feel loved.
History: Wolfe was born out of a mudblood father and a witch mother. His parents were reknowned wizards, they were artists that traveled along the country. however, Wolfe's mother secretly started working with Grindelwald, unknown to her husband. Wolfe's mother started growing closer and closer to Grindelwald until she was asked to eliminate her own mudblood husband. She was so drawn to Grindelwald that she did not hesitate to elaborate the task, however, Wolfe's father went into hiding with Wolfe, never to be found by Grindelwald until now. Wolfe then grew up in the forest, hurt by his mother's betrayal and at his loneliness, never firmly established on one place. He finally felt he belonged somewhere when he joined Hogwarts, however, little does he know that his mother is out for him.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Strenghts: Wolfe is independent. He is very confident and is a very loyal friend.
Weaknesses: His mother's betrayal still haunts him, leading him to ask why she would do something like that and feeling abandoned by her. He can also easily mistrust people.
Other Skills: He is great at spells and counter spells. He also has an interest in animal creatures, after living several years on a forest. He is looking for the guy of his dreams.
Elective classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination
Extra curricular subjects: Art, Ghoul Studies.

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