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Noxelle Wolfsbane  [Indexed]

Postby Nox » July 16th, 2014, 4:10 am

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Character name: Noxelle 'Nox' Wolfsbane
Blood Status: Pureblood
Age, Year & House: 12 year (birthday 28-09), 1st year, Ravenclaw.
Patronus: Nox haven't found out yet, but really likes the water. Including water animals and amphibia.

Length: 14 in (Nox is really tall for her age, so the length of the wand makes sense.)
Wood: Rowan (She is somehow a little but mean, but always makes up her faults and in the end has a good heart.)
Core: Unicorn (The core may not be the strongest but for Nox its perfect. She guides her wand with her life, so it will not break.)
Flexibility: Surprisingly Swishy. (Whatever is happening, Nox will always tries to be positive in a new situation. She don’t makes up her mind immediately, but gives it a while. Then she always has a good opinion based on experience and what her heart says.)

Nox is tall and skinny and her beauty is something you immediately will see. Her skin is light and her hair is shiny light brown. With her deep grey eyes she can give you a look what can tells more then a whole book. She looks a bit older then her fellow first year students.
Although she maybe doesn’t like that at the moment, when she’s older she knows she is pretty and will use it to get somethings she wants.

Noxelle in the later school years:
Spoiler: show

Nox is a down to earth and doesn’t like romantic or woolly stuff. Just act like a normal person, that is weird enough already. When she gets in a fight she stays awfully calm. Not that she’s fighting a lot, because she always thinks before she says something. Nox is a bit sarcastic, that’s the only thing what will get her in trouble. She doesn’t really like to be outside, its always to cold or to wet and prefers the city life. What she really like to do is come up with creative solutions for problems. Not only for herself, but also for others. With studying or just a normal teenager problem: Nox will always help you out.

Noxelle is the only child of Damian and Sofie Wolfsbane. Her father is born and raised in England and also went to Hogwarts. He has a brother that works for the ministry and they keep good contact as they are family, but are not very close as in friend. Her mother was Dutch and a student from Beauxbatons, she was an only child. Sofie's mother died in an accident when she was 10, so she only has her father who still lives. Damian and Sofie never met when they were students, but fell in love as supporters of a Quidditch-tournament. He was there with his brother, she was there with some friends. They both didn’t like the sport: popped out to get some snacks and then cupids arrow hits them. They married and bought a lovely house somewhere around London, where Damian found a job as a potioneer for a shop and Sofie became a writer.
Nowadays Nox is at Hogwarts and her parents are still in London. Her grandfather Daan van Dijk, is a Dutchman so he is not really happy his daughter and granddaughter are in England since the countries has deteriorating relations. But the family promised him to stay quiet and won't mix in fight. Since they are pureblood (and maybe a little bit naive) they believe they are kinda safe. Nox is even more calm about the situation. She doesn't think its that big of a thing and thinks it will be over soon enough, maybe she will find hard facts at Hogwarts what gives her totally new ideas about it.

Nox grew up in this lovable and warm family.and as a kid she always get what she wanted. Her dearest memories are all the vacations she went on with her parents. Her parents are from different countries but both liked the travel. One thing was sure for Noxelle: wherever she was, water always makes her clean her mind. The sea, a lake or an river, just one dive and she is calm and relaxed again.
As a child she was already fairly educated with the magical world. History, herbology, potions and even astronomy is kinda easy for her, what makes it boring. Her parents where not really amazed when they found out Noxelle could go to Hogwarts. Her father was a Hufflepuff student but where Nox was placed didn’t mind: she always learned that each house brings fantastic wizards and witches and whatever you’re house is, you always have to work hard to become the best of what you can be.

Beautiful appearance
Intelligence (history, herbology, potion brewing and astronomy)
Creative (mostly in solutions, not very arty)

Social skills (doesn't really like most people and is kinda bad with animals)
Physical (can be hurt/scared very fast)
Cocky (If she think she is right, she's not gonna change her mind fast)

Grades ( This possibly can change a bit, because she hasn't been to class yet. )

Astronomy: Exceeds Expectations
Charms: Acceptable
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Acceptable
Flying: Dreadful
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic: Exceeds Expectations
Potions: Exceeds Expectations
Transfiguration: Poor

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