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Ivey Michaels  [Indexed]

Posted: May 23rd, 2014, 11:04 am
by DikkeVetteVlinder
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Character name: Ivey Michaels
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Age, Year & House: 14, fourth year, Gryffindor
Patronus: A female bear. Female bears tend to be able to become very agressive when it comes to defending their cubs.
Optional: Wand: Oak, dragon heartstring, 13 inches, good for charms and transfiguration.
Appearance: Darkbrown long hair, slightly wavy and quite thick. She usually wears it in a bun, though some locks always seem to escape their confinement. She has light, blueish eyes, sharp eyebrows, a fair skin with quite some freckles and full lips. Even though she tends not to wear them in class, she has an eyebrow and a nose piercing.
She is pretty muscular and athletic and has a confidant way of walking. When not in her school clothes, she tends to wear comfortable clothing, often consisting of a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or sweater. For shoes, she either wears combat boots or sneakers.
Spoiler: show

- Laid-back
Ivey is pretty down to earth and tends to believe only what can be proven. Meaning that even while knowing magic exists, she often still wants to see evidence of something before she takes it for truth.
She also doesn't stress much. She is confident and believes in herself, though sometimes a bit too much. Due to this, she is quite prone to underestimating problems. This can go for other people's problems as well, if she herself would experience said problem as trivial.
- Social
Ivey can be rather chatty, is not afraid to speak her mind or to get to know new people and knows how to take a joke. She likes playing them on others as well (even tho she can go a little too far sometimes. Ask her about the squirrle incident), but tends to do that mostly with friends.
She likes company and isn't a person for isolation. She also tends to make friends rather quickly, although not all of those friendships last.
- Impatient
Ivey is easily bored and when things aren't part of her interests or too difficult (she's not exactly a rocket-scientist) for her she is very easily distracted, having a pretty short attention span.
- Reckless
The good news is, she's got guts. The bad news is that she usually dives headfirst into something before you can say 'don't do that' if it catches her interest.
- Competitive
Despite being a bit lazy, there is a way to get Ivey going. She can hardly refuse a good challenge and when she accepts one, she plays to win.
- Destructive
Fire. Fireworks. Explosions. She loves it. The harder the bang, the higher the flame, the more she loves it.

History: Ivey grew up with a working mother and a father that was always home ever since an accident made it impossible to continue his work as a construction worker. From a young age Ivey liked to go outside with friends and roam the city, exploring it as if it was a whole new world all on it's own.
They were mischievous, but it was usually innocent - well, apart from the squirrel incident, to name one.
Ivey wasn't a very difficult child. She could be stubborn, but overall she was a cheerful young girl.
A few outbursts of magic did happen, but they were so minor that at the time, Ivey didn't think much of it. There was always some kind of explanation, but when the Hogwarts letter came, it did kind of fall into place.
Her parents were quite scared when they found out what Ivey was, fearing for their reckless child's life. At first, Ivey didn't take it as seriously as they did, already displaying some suicidal overconfidence, but as she actually started paying more attention to just what was going on around her, she started realizing she was going to be in danger purely because of what she was.
Her parents did think she would be saver at Hogwarts, even though her dad would have had absolutely no qualms about protecting her with his own bare hands if he had to; she did not get her temper and recklessness from a total stranger.

In her first few years at Hogwarts she did what she and her friends used to do back in the city; explore, have fun. Her study results varied. Classes she was motivated were not too much of a problem, but at some point she seemed to just have given up on the whole potions thing.
She also tried not to think too much about the ongoing war (which was not easy; even she could not stay perfectly relaxed under all this), feeling powerless to do anything. However, she did keep close contacts with her parents through owls, in which they kept her up to date with everything back at home. She also kept in steady contact with her childhood friend Thomas, who is on his way to become a junior kickboxing champ.
It wasn't until the end of her third year that she was slightly getting an idea of what she might want to do with her life, but even now, she's still not completely sure. The things that she's toying with in her mind are just joining the resistance, knowing that with a choice like that she is likely to be dead in de few years after graduating. If she's lucky. She also feels like just opening a bar that might just double as a refuge. Then there was that vague idea of working with Magical creatures that didn't appeal to her enough to be well thought out, but that did appeal enough to not be forgotten just yet.
Strengths: Very good physical condition. In the holidays she tends to get back to two big hobbies of hers, kickboxing and basketball and in school she tries to keep her condition up to date as well.
She is also rather good at charms, partially because it's one of her favorite classes, one she's very motivated for.
Weaknesses: She's God-awful at potions. She can't cook either, for that matter. In both cases, she just has the subtlety of a rhino and the intuition of a dead whale.
Non-verbal spells.
Back in her third year it became clear that she was not a born seeress.

Other Skills: She's a pretty good basketballer - and a lot better at playing basketball than at flying a broomstick - and has become a decent fighter due to the hours she spent kickboxing, usually together with Thomas, a very close childhood friend. The kickboxing is still a prominent thing for her. It's probably also a little bit because of the pure-blood supremacy that she likes the idea of being able to kick someone's HINEY with muggle techniques.
If a 6th or 7th year, a list of NEWT classes: //