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Sebastian Shmuel Silver  [Indexed]

Postby Poppy » August 28th, 2013, 4:15 am

Sebastian Shmuel Silver
Forum Username: Poppy
Character's name Sebastian Shmuel Silver
Age/Year/House 11, 1, Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Halfblood
Patronus: Turtle
Appearance: Currently he is quite short for his age, but he will grow to be of average height. He has curly black hair and green eyes. He is cute although he isn't amazingly good looking that you would look at him and say wow if you passed him on the street. He exercises a lot, going on runs and stretching all the time... because of that he is skinny, although if he stopped exercising he would probably be a bit chubby as both of his parents are.
Core Classes:
    Defence Against the Dark Arts
    Flying (1st Years only)
    History of Magic
Extra-Curricular Subjects: Frog Choir, Xylomancy and Elemental and Intuitive Magic
Biography: Sebastian Shmuel Silver was born to Haim and Jennifer Silver on the 10th of April 2002. His dad comes from a half blood Jewish family and his mum comes from a Christian pureblood family. His dad lost his grandmother in the Nazi reign. He was very close to her. His dad is social and very proud of his religion and how they have overcome so many tough obstacles. He is a very strong advocate that the Jews have no reason to go and relocate to Gaza and is very prominent in the small Jewish community that has remained in England. Therefore, every Friday you can excpect at least two families over for Shabbat dinner. His mum lets his dad handle the socialness of the family and will hardly ever invite anyone over.

He has one younger sister called Haley Noa Silver. Her middle name comes from their fathers deceased grandmother who was murdered in the genocide. Sebastian adores Hayley and spoils her crazy. He also has one puppy called Timothy. Tim is the result of years and years of begging as Sebastian has begged for a dog ever since he was around five. Sebastian has trouble leaving his family for long periods of time as he gets very homesick. He is very worried about what will happen when he goes to Hogwarts.
Jennifer works in a wizarding photography shop in Diagon Alley. His dad works in a wizarding radio station in Diagon Alley. Sebastian has had a few guest appearances on his dad's show and always boasts about them. In one of them he sang a song about bullying and it was one of his dad's best rated recordings that year. His mum and dad met through their jobs; his dad's radio station wanted a group photo so they went to his mum's photography shop. There Haim asked Jennifer if she ever listens on 0103 (his radio station.) She said no, so he corked an eyebrow and told her to listen in tonight and he'll mention her on the show. The rest is history.

Jennifer is atheist, so Sebastian was bought up Jewish. Jennifer is thinking about converting to Judaism but so far it is just a thought. Jennifer's parents go to church on Sunday's and celebrate all of the christain holidays, so they would prefer it if she wasn't atheist. They're still on good terms with Jennifer but their relationship with Haim is tight as they think that he is brainwashing her that Judaism is the only true religion. They think this because Haim often talks about how the Jews are the tough people as they are still standing after so many difficult challanges and sometimes explains what things Judaism has done better than Christianity. Jennifer's parents don't know that Jennifer is thinking of converting to Judaism and they're one of the main reasons of why she might not do it. Sebastian doesn't realise any of this and he thinks his dad and his grandparents from his mother's side get along fine.

He has horrible claustrophobicness; whenever he is in a tight space he experiences a panic attack. This might happen on the train, in tight corridors and whenever people crowd around him. This is one of the reasons he loves Quidditch so much… he loves the feeling of being free in the air which is literally the opposite of a place which he might get claustrophobic in. He has played Quidditch since he was very young; his dad is coaching the first Jewish Quidditch team in England as a hobby. Because of this he goes to many Quidditch games and until he went to Hogwarts he played in a children's league. He is quite good at Quidditch since he has being doing it for so long but he overestimates his own abilities sometimes.

Personality: He is very loyal and nice to everyone. Around people he doesn't know he can become shy but once he warms up he becomes very loud. He's a bit too sensitive and although he won't show it, it will hurt his feelings badly if you say something mean about him. Although he is sensitive he has a very forgiving nature and will not usually stay mad at people. He isn't scared of anything except spiders which he has a deep fear of. When he sees a spider he will scream like a girl. He will sign up for any extracurricular he can and works very hard at school. He will do xylomancy, try for the quidditch team and he'll join the frog choir. Even though he is only 11 he has an extensive bucket list of things he wants to do before he dies. He is very ambitious and that along with his hard working attribute will probably see most of them done before he is old.




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