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Grier Douglas  [Indexed]

Postby RoseFirebolt77 » August 22nd, 2013, 9:04 am

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Character name: Grier Douglas

Blood Status: (Muggleborn, Halfblood, Pureblood) Pureblood

Age, Year & House: 11, 1st year, Ravenclaw

Patronus: unknown. Since the Patronus Charm isn't part of the Hogwarts curriculum, she never really works at it and is only ever able to produce a shield form. This may change depending on how the storyline goes. Should the need arise, Grier would put the work to achieve a fully corporeal Patronus. She just needs some sort of motivation to do so (academic or otherwise).

Optional: Wand: Sycamore, Phoenix Feather core, 11 inches, Unyielding. Grier does not bond easily with others, just like the phoenix her wand core comes from. The unyielding is also appropriate because she is very set in her opinions and is not easily swayed by others. The sycamore wand wood secretly terrifies her since it dislikes mundane magic. She can't see herself doing any magic exciting enough to keep her wand happy.

Appearance: Straight, thick black hair that falls to mid-back;, on the shorter side of average (will be around 165 cm [5'4"] when fully grown); thin build;, pale skin; large, dark blue eyes; wears glasses even though her eyesight is nearly perfect.

Pictured with her Great Horned Owl, Archimedes:
Spoiler: show

Personality: Grier is not used to spending a lot of time around other children, and is more comfortable with adults. Due to this, and her feeling that she is more mature than others her own age, she can have a difficult time making friends. She is uncertain as to how to act in a group of other children, but will gladly join in a debate. She is also quite loyal. Since it takes quite a bit of work for her to grow attached to someone, once her loyalty is given, it is given unswervingly. She would do absolutely anything for her most beloved grandparents. She is nervous to be attending Hogwarts, as it means she will have to be away from the safe haven of her home with her grandparents. She has a family legacy of Slytherin House, but Grier lacks the needed ambition for that house to be suitable for her. She is quite content with her life with her grandparents and wishes things could stay that way forever. Going to Hogwarts is bittersweet, as it means learning new things, but also leaving her grandparents behind. She is a hard worker who thrives in the academic world. She carries a book with her most everywhere she goes. She writes stories in secret, but would never dream of sharing them with anyone.

History: (See 'creating interesting PC') Both of Grier's parents come from a long line of Wizarding families. Grier's parents died in a mysterious incident while in mainland Europe when she was barely two years old, and she has no memory of them, save the pictures her grandparents have shown her.* She was raised by her very loving paternal grandparents, but as they were much older than other parents, rarely interacted with people who had children Grier's age. As a result, Grier spent much of her childhood in the company of adults. Grier has grow up fully entrenched in the Wizarding World, and has very little knowledge of the muggle world. Her family are not blood purists, but they do take pride in their storied lineage.

Grier and her grandparents live in the sparsely populated Scottish Highlands near the village of Portree in a small castle that has been in her family for centuries. Grier's grandparents are very well-off financially, and Grier grew up a bit spoiled, especially considering how doting her grandparents are on their only grandchild.
Grier has a special attachment to her grandfather. They share a love of reading and often sit in the evenings to discuss the books they are reading. Grier also inherited a love of Quidditch from her grandfather, and her greatest memory is of the two of them going together to last year's Quidditch World Cup (where they sat in the best seats in the house, of course).

*Grier's mother had a cousin who married a Beauxbatons graduate and moved to France. It was through this cousin that Grier's parents learned about the resistance against Grindelwald and began helping in minor ways while remaining in the UK. They received word from the resistance that her cousin had been captured. They traveled to France to aid in the rescue mission, but were captured as well and executed. All of this is completely unknown to Grier, but as she gets older and more curious about what happened to her parents, she might discover this and it would become motivation for her to take a strong stand against Grindelwald.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Very intelligent and does well in all her classes (even those that aren't her strong suit, as she just puts in some extra study time for those).
Respects authority.
A hardworking "model" student.
Loyal to those in her "inner circle."

Feels more knowledgeable and mature than others her own age due to growing up almost exclusively with adults and her pride in her pureblood history, which leads to her acting superior, and many view her as stuck-up.
Tends to judge those who hold a different view from her, and she is quick to tell others when they are wrong (in her view).
Attempts to hide her weaknesses (one reason she spends so much time studying) and avoids things she feels she will not excel at whenever possible (fear of failure).
Puts a bit too much of a priority on academics and not enough on relationships.

Excellent at: Charms and History of Magic
Good at: Potions, Astronomy, Ancient Studies and Magical Theory
Average at: Herbology, Transfiguration and Flying (though she enjoys it immensely)
Below average at: DADA
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