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Daisy Benson  [Indexed]

Postby Heartrose » August 20th, 2013, 12:33 am

I have been talked into giving this a go too...any advice on improving the character is gratefully accepted. Be honest I won't take offence.

Forum Username:

Character name:
Daisy Benson

Blood Status:
Mother is a squib from a mainly magical family, father a muggle

Age, Year & House:
11, 1st year, Ravenclaw

Doesn't have one yet, not sure what it will be yet, if she had one now it would probably be a sheep. May change as she gets older though and her personality changes from living away from home.

Optional: Wand:
Length: 11 1/2 in
Wood: Ash
Core: Unicorn tail hair
Flexibility: Quite Flexible
The ash wand is seen to suit stubborn witches and wizards, it is fiercely loyal to its owner especially when paired with a unicorn hair core. It generally is not suited to over confident or arrogant witches or wizards.

Just below average height for an 11 year old, about 125 cm tall just over 4 foot. although she probably is going to be quite short as an adult, not reaching above 5 ft 2. She is skinny weighing around 70lbs, 32 kilos. . with long straight red brown hair, brown eyes and is very pale naturally and doesn't tan well as she has never spent much time out of doors. She is relatively pretty, but not stunning, she has a nice smile which makes her look prettier. She isn't overly worried about her appearance, is generally happy with how she looks and doesn't use any make up or anything yet.
She dresses mainly, in black, purely for convenience though as if she wears black all the time, she doesn't have to worry about what matches. Not really fashionable, wears mainly jeans, trainers/sneakers and plain t shirts. Only jewellery she wears is a plain silver cross pendant given to her by her witch grandmother.

Spoiler: show

Quite intelligent, very hard working, loves reading, especially Enid Blytons boarding school stories and loves reading stories about children having adventures, like the Chronicles of Narnia. She spends most of her time in the common room or the library reading. Sometimes uses books as a substitute for real life.
She loves music and is reasonably good on four instruments, although not exceptional on any, she plays the piano, violin, clarinet and french horn.
Listens to a lot of classical music as she was bought up on it, but also really likes muggle rock music, keeps this secret though as her parents don't approve.
Very quiet, Always found it hard to get her opinions across at home being so much younger than the others so generally doesn't speak up much and goes along with what others want. Usually because she finds it easier and it makes for q quiet life.
Doesn't find it easy to make friends mainly because she isn't that chatty and open, and being so quiet can be misunderstood as being standoffish and arrogant, although once she does make friends she is very loyal to them and will forgive them anything. Finds it very hard to trust people but once she does she will find it even harder to believe anything bad of them. She has two really good friends who live nearby and is really sad to be leaving them and nervous about making new friends at Hogwarts.
Very nervous of a lot of things, her brothers teased her and played a lot of jokes on her so this has made her quite nervous especially of loud noises.
Very occassionally her stubborn side comes out, such as when her mother didn't want her to go to Hogwarts, Daisy was determined to go and spoke up then and fought hard for the chance.
She is also very impatient with people who mess around in class and although she tries hard not to be can be impatient of people she considers to be stupid.
She also dislikes very vain or arrogant people.

Daisy's mum born Rosemary Linnit was the oldest daughter of a wizard family from the North of England, her parents suspected from an early age that she was a squib and this was confirmed on her eleventh birthday when she didn't get accepted to Hogwarts, her parents were very good about it and allowed her to work on her natural talent for music, she has two younger brothers both of whom are magical and went to Hogwarts and have since left, one has children but they are quite a few years younger than Daisy so are not at Hogwarts at the moment.
At the age of 18 Rosemary decided to cut herself off from the wizard world as she found it too hard to live in that world without having any magic herself, she moved to London and went to a music college, where she met Ralph Benson, who she married a year after they left college. they now work together in a small orchestra in London.
They have five children, four boys currently aged between 27 and 21 and then the one girl Daisy they had thought their family was complete but Daisy was unplanned ten years after the last boy was born. All four boys are very close in age and so got on very well and used to play a lot of tricks on Daisy as a child and picked on her quite a lot. Nothing serious just enough to make her quite nervous and insecure. Despite this all five children generally get on very well and do love each other.
The family is very close to Daisy's paternal grandparents, who live just outside London and occassionally look after Daisy if her parents need to go on tour with the orchestra. They are in touch with her magic maternal grandparents and her uncles and aunt and two young cousins, but they only ever meet in London and neither Ralph Benson or any of the kids had any idea about the magic.
All the boys are very musical like their parents and the two eldest already work as musicians one in the same orchestra as their parents and one in a brass band. Although Daisy loves music, she is not as good as the rest of the family, she plays a few instruments ok but is not exceptional on any, she keeps up with the lessons though to please her family.
As a child Daisy showed no obvious signs of magic so it was a bit of a surprise to everyone when the teacher from Hogwarts turned up on her eleventh birthday to say she had a place there. Rosemary was at first reluctant to let her go thinking Daisy would be better off at a muggle music school, but Daisy was really keen so her parents and the teacher finally reached a compromise allowing Daisy to have music lessons two evenings a week while at Hogwarts. Daisy agreed to keep the peace as usual.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:

Hard working

Quite, finds it hard to speak up.
Can come across as quite stand offish

Academic subjects
Good at - Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Astronomy, History of Magic.
Average at - Dada, Herbology.
Bad at - Flying.

Extra curriculur - Choir, Music lessons two nights a week.

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