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Axis E. Fletcher  [Indexed]

Postby Niffz » August 18th, 2013, 7:41 pm

Forum Username:
Character name:
Axis Eugene Fletcher
Blood Status:
Age, Year & House:
15, 5th Year, Hufflepuff
Patronus: (Shield Form, Incorporeal Animal or Solid Animal. Optional: Why this one? What does it say about your character?)
Raccoon, Incorporeal
Optional: Wand: (Wood, Core. Length, Qualities. Optional: Describe the meaning/qualities of your chosen wand properties.)
Beech, Unicorn, 11 3/4 in, Supple.
Appearance: (Hair, Height, Build, etc.)

Spoiler: show

Axis is tall and lanky, and he looks like he hasn't quite grown into his feet yet. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes - They're a chocolatey type brown with flecks of gold. In the summer the hair on his arms becomes bleached by the sun… and his hair becomes a bit lighter. His eyes are his favorite part of his face; he thinks his face is forgettable, a generic "boring" face. In about 10 years into the future he chooses to grow an impressive beard -- brown with flicks of red and white "Much more memorable" He says.

Personality: (See 'creating interesting PC')

Axis is a friendly boy, he enjoys being outside - strolling through the grounds, collecting supplies and spying on the creatures there. He is kind, patient, and wants to be friends with everyone (even if they don't deserve it). He doesn't like talking about emotions; his brain tends to turn off once someone starts talking about "un-interesting" subjects. In spite of his terrible listening skills, he takes direction quite well; he's a "doer" as they say. He usually does physical tasks quickly and accurately; actually he tends to turn off listening and thinking completely when working on a task…almost like a trance. He never reads signs and he detests reading books (unless they are about animals and plants). Usually, homework is done from notes in lecture, so the need for reading in minimal. He actually does show up for classes, mostly so he doesn't need to spend time reading in the future.

History: (See 'creating interesting PC')

* All of Axis' grandparents were Muggles
* Father born in NY, went to Public Muggle School
* Mother born in NY, went to Muggle School until 11, and then Salem Witches' Institute.
* Axis was born Jan 10
* When Axis was 8 they moved from Upstate NY, to Chudleigh village in England.
* Axis Received his Letter to Hogwarts on his 11th birthday, and wen't to Hogwarts the next year.
* Goes home every Christmas.

Axis was brought up in a pretty regular family, his father was a Muggle and his mother was a Witch. Amelia Fletcher attended Salem Witches', and Archer Fletcher went to a public muggle school. They met in grade school and their love lasted, even after Amelia received the SWI Admission, they both knew they'd be together. Archer fully accepts the wizard world.

He was an only-child, but he didn't mind it much. While in NY, He spent much time out in the woods making forts and pretending. After he moved he still enjoyed the outdoors, although there were fewer woods there was plenty of beautiful country. Axis really loved the trips to the beach nearby.

Axis showed minimal magical abilities as a child, his Mother and Father thought he was not magical. As it happens, Axis did have magical abilities. They mostly showed when he was on some of his outings by himself; his magic is rather subtle. He seems to have a knack for intricate magic. The family was very pleased when the Hogwarts letter arrived, Amelia heard much about this ancient school, but has never seen it.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Listens to directions
Has good skill with some protection charms and transfigurations.
Care of Magical Creatures (elective)

Most things
Muggle Studies (he was brought up with a muggle mother, so no reading required!)
Potions (Passes only because he can follow a recipe very closely)

His brain turns off when people are talking to him about uninteresting topics
Weak at Hexes, curses, and counter curses.
No flying, at all, ever… very poor balance.
Defence Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic. [/color]

Plant and animal identification
Great interest in wand lore (aspires to become a maker of wands)
Whittles-generally when he's on one of his outings.
Enjoys running moderate distances and traveling

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