New Way to Earn Capsule Tokens.

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New Way to Earn Capsule Tokens.

Postby Jag17 » March 1st, 2016, 2:11 pm


Capsule Points

Earn tokens for the Capsule Machine.

Welcome to the all new way to earn extra tokens for your favourite Capsule Machine.

We know you all love your Collections and if you don't then you should, so we have come up with a brand new way for you to earn Tokens for the Machine.

How? you ask...

Well I'll tell you...

All you need to do to earn these extra tokens is to be an active participant in our lovely forum. 

There are various areas of the forum in which you can earn points. Each area will have it's own topic explaining how the system works in that area. 

There is also a Main Topic here explaining everything.

Any questions or suggestions please let any mod know.

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