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Forum Rules - Indexed

Postby ProfessorHagrid » August 15th, 2011, 5:49 pm


First, above all else, whenever you step into the halls of PFF, you are entering G-World!! This means that everything you say and do will be like that of a G-Rated movie. (U if you are English) Pottermore is G and U Rated, so we are too.

Account rules
  • You are not permitted to have multiple accounts.
  • You are not permitted to have inappropriate content appear anywhere on your account. This includes your profile.

Account name
  • Your account name may not be the name of a Harry Potter character
  • You are allowed to change your name once every three months; name change requests go here
  • If your name is found to be inappropriate by the staff, it will be changed to a random name chosen by them, after which you are permitted to choose a new one. You will receive an official warning or, depending on the name, a three-day ban.

  • Your main signature image may not be bigger than 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels high.
  • Your signature may not contain any inappropriate content.
  • Links to other places are allowed. However, these links should not lead to websites containing inappropriate content, or websites with the sole purpose of selling a product. Diagon Alley shop/fireplace owners are allowed to link to their Diagon Alley shop/fireplace.
  • The total height of all items in your signature, including whitespace, may not exceed 300 pixels. There is no limit to the width; however, as people have different screen resolutions and settings, items which appear on the same line for you, may appear under each other for others, which can cause you to exceed the 300 pixel height limit. As a guideline, try not to have the width exceed 700 pixels.

  • Your avatar cannot be bigger than 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.
  • Your avatar may not contain any inappropriate content

Posting rules
  • When you first join the forum, your first few posts will be monitored by the mods. This means that you will need mod approval to post anything. It may seem tough, but it is only to ensure that there is a positive environment for you and for everyone else. Please be patient.
  • You are not allowed to swear. What is and is not a swear is up to the OotM. Some inappropriate words are automatically censored; if a member of the OotM notices a censor in use, this will still count as breaking the no-swearing rule and you will receive an official warning. Images containing swears count as swearing as well.
  • You are not allowed to post inappropriate content. This includes images. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may receive an immediate and permanent ban. The level of severity is decided by the OotM.
  • You may not post spam. Spam includes (but is not limited to) the following:
    • posts containing only smileys
    • posts containing only one word
    • posts which do not pertain to the topic (off-topic posts)
    • posts in all-caps
    • posts in chat speak
    • meaningless posts
      The OotM may delete spam posts and does not need to notify the poster of this.
  • Double posting is not allowed. If you wish to add something, you can use the "edit" button to edit your previous post. You can find the "edit" button to the top right of all of your posts.
  • Flaming and trolling are not allowed. Joking around is not the same as trolling. This forum is a very diverse group with users and members from all over the world. Do not disrespect other people's cultures or beliefs and DO NOT threaten or bully other members. If you are found to be trolling, you will receive a week-long ban.
    If you feel like you are being flamed/attacked/trolled, we urge you to report this to a moderator as soon as possible. If we don't know about it, we can't do anything about it!
  • Fights have no place on the forum. Handle them through Personal Message or (preferably) via a messaging system which has nothing to do with PFF.
  • If a forum section has specific rules, you are expected to follow them in addition to these rules. Failure to do so may result in official warnings.
  • If a topic has specific rules, you are expected to follow those as well.
  • If you wish to quote a post containing many or large images, please remove the images from the quote. They have been posted once before; there is no need to have them appear in another post as well.
  • Do not quote posts with a large amount of text. If you wish to quote a part of it, please only quote that part and remove all the rest from the quote.
  • Posts should be written in English (with the exception of the International Discussion section) and have to be legible. No using small font sizes or neon colours.

Topic creation
  • When creating a new topic, please make sure you are in the correct section.
  • Before creating a new topic, please search for similar topics. If such a topic does not exist, or what you wish to post does not fit in the topic(s) you found, go ahead and create your new topic. If you find a topic in the Archives, please contact a moderator to request it to be taken out of the archives.

Handling Moderation
  • You are not allowed to back-seat moderate. If you notice something which requires moderating, please use the report button to draw a Moderator's attention to it. Giving people a quick reminder to not break minor rules is alright every once in a while.
  • However, reporting posts which are perfectly fine and do not break any rules may be counted as trolling and will be punished as such. Mistakes happen of course, but if the OotM is convinced you were aware of the harmless nature of the post and still felt the need to report it, you are trolling.
  • Moderators are allowed to edit your post and are not required to notify you of this. They will notify you if they feel it is needed.
  • If you or anything you have posted has been moderated, you are expected to respect the moderator's decision and do your best to understand the reason behind the moderation, and avoid the same mistake in the future. If you feel the moderator acted wrong, please contact a Head Moderator or Administrator.
  • You are expected to respect the OotM at all times. They may at times be strict with you; this is not personal, it's just the moderator doing their job of keeping the forum running smoothly. Not respecting the OotM is a serious offense and will be punished as such.
  • If you have a problem with any member of the OotM, please contact a Head Moderator or Administrator.
  • Moderators are at times required to break rules in order to carry out their moderating duties. For example, a moderator may need to post a one-word post or an off-topic post. There is no need to report such posts. If, however, you feel the moderator is breaking the rules outside of their moderating duty, reporting them is permitted.

Child Safety and Privacy
  • EVERYTHING should be suited for minors. Keep it G/U-rated. Everyone is responsible for keeping PFF an environment where minors can participate normally, without fear of running into something inappropriate.
  • Sharing personal information of others is not permitted unless you have that person's written consent. Posting personal information of others will result in a warning and/or a three-day ban, depending on the severity.
  • Minors are not allowed to post personal information (including but not limited to photographs of themselves) without their parents' consent. The OotM may ask a minor posting personal information to prove their parents' consent.
  • Members are considered minors if they are 17 years of age or younger.

Copyright and Plagiarism
  • You are never allowed to claim someone else's work as your own. Doing so is breaking the law and while we will not report you to the police, we will send you an official warning and/or ban, depending on the severity of your copyright breach.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute PFF content unless you have asked the OotM for permission. PFF content includes (but isn't limited to) anything on the website, Daily Prophet, Quibbler, and classes. Posts may fall under PFF content - when in doubt, ask.


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