Class: Muggle Studies & Muggle Music

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Class: Muggle Studies & Muggle Music

Postby Avis » August 22nd, 2013, 3:11 pm

Use this topic to attend class.

Professor: Orson Quiggler – Hufflepuff (NPC)
Spoiler: show
Orson Quiggler - Muggle Studies & Muggle Music – Hufflepuff

Age: 28
Wand: Dogwood, Unicorn Hair, 12", Quite Flexible
Patronus: Baboon
Blood Status: Half-Blood (Half-Blood Mother, Muggle Father)

Appearance: Necklength wavy brown hair, and bright and expressive blue eyes. 6' tall, and a bit thin.

Bio: The third of four children, Orson had the best of both worlds. His mother was a talented witch, and his father was a computer programmer and all around handyman. Mrs. Quiggler could fix anything within the house using magic, but if a muggle neighbor had something that needed fixed, they knew Mr. Quiggler was the one to call. The Quiggler's loved their children deeply, and it was common to see all six of them around a table playing games, both muggle and magical.

As such, Orson never really grew up. Being raised in a Muggle and Magical family he's just as likely to be found playing video games as he is gobstones. He's energetic, lively, fun loving, and talks with his whole body. He has a natural curiosity that leads him on constant pursuits to find out how muggle inventions work (although his father taught him plenty), and sometimes gets him in trouble when he starts trying to pry into peoples' personal lives.

Being Professor of Muggle Studies, Orson tries to make his students view muggles as he does, as inventive and intelligent
people who should be given the same respect as those in the magical community. Indeed, the subject has flourished under his teachings, as he's known to take students outside on warm spring days for "hands on" classes in muggle sports.

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