Class: Arithmancy & Ancient Studies

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Class: Arithmancy & Ancient Studies

Postby Avis » August 22nd, 2013, 3:11 pm

The Arithmancy classroom, which doubles as the Ancient Studies classroom, is filled, no littered, with scraps of parchment holding archaic writings, designs for new spells, arithmantic calculations and letter to and from Ministry Officials. The papers overflow from every flat surface, including the Professor's desk, to several of the students' desks and students have to carefully push the papers aside (if they dare) to make room. It's clear that a powerful, if eclectic, mind is at work here.

At the front of the classroom, with his back to the students, stands a tall man with spiky black hair. He is writing an impossibly complex formula on the blackboard and pays the students no attention; in fact, when one of them politely coughs to alert him to their arrival, the man simply holds up a finger and says: "do not interrupt greatness at work." Only when he is finished, does he look at the students.

"My name is Professor Nicholas Astlen, you may call me Professor Astlen. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the persons sitting on your left and your right. Go ahead, introduce yourself, shake hands. Done? Good. Please note this: of the three of you, only one will make it through my class. That's not because I set impossible standards, though I do, but because Arithmancy is not for weak minds. Now, let's get started."

Professor: Nicholas Astel (NPC)
Spoiler: show
Nicholas Astel - Arithmancy & Ancient Studies - Ravenclaw

Age: 34
Wand: Dogwood, Dragon Heartstring, 13 1/2", Swishy
Patronus: Electric Eel
Blood status: Pureblood

Appearance: Nicholas is tall and lanky with black hair that stands up in unruly spikes at the best of time and unruly, well, unruliness at the worst of times. He has deep blue eyes that seem to change color in the light and a mischievous, still boyish, grin that seems to imply that you just caught him doing something he shouldn't have (which is often true).

Bio: If Nicholas were a Muggle, he would be diagnosed as manic-depressive, but as a Wizard, he is merely considered 'very eccentric'. Ambitious, proud and arrogant, Nicholas is constantly looking to prove that he is smarter than anyone else and his mood swings wildly from hyper and over-enthusiastic when he's successful, to sullen and brooding when he feels lacking.

As a teacher he is unreliable, often leaving for days or even weeks on end in the pursuit of whatever caught his fancy. His saving grace is that he always manages to get his students back on track, with the overwhelming majority of them scoring O on their NEWT and OWL tests. And, truthfully, while Nicholas is not the most powerful Wizard of his time, he is the smartest by far (in England and possibly all of Europe) and there is simply no one who understands Arithmancy better than him.

While Nicholas demands complete devotion to Arithmancy from his students, he is much more disdainful of 'lesser subjects' (everything except Arithmancy and Ancient Studies). He can also appreciate a good prank, as long as it's not directed towards him (but with his superior intellect it's almost impossible to pull one on him anyway). He has a passion for the ancient past, having travelled all over the globe in pursuit of lost civilisations, and teaches the extracurricular subject of Ancient Studies. He also has a particular talent for Charms and Transfiguration spells involving electricity.

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