Class: Study of Ancient Runes, Art & Muggle Art

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Class: Study of Ancient Runes, Art & Muggle Art

Postby Avis » August 22nd, 2013, 3:10 pm

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Professor: Yuko Hisako (NPC)
Spoiler: show
Yuko Hisako – Study of Ancient Runes, Art & Muggle Art - Ravenclaw

Age: 79
Wand: Cherry, Dragon Heartstring, 9 1/2", Rigid
Patronus: Swan
Blood Status: Pureblood

Appearance: Hisako is a pudgy, elder Japanese woman with grey hair that reaches her shoulders. She has brown eyes and glasses. She's only 5'3".

Bio: While Muggles in England and Japan were on opposite sides of WW2, in the wizarding world, everyone was on the same side trying to figure out how best to deal with Grindelwald. Mr. Hisako lived in Nagasaki with his wife and daughter, Yuko, and was the Japanese Magical Ambassador to the Ministry of Magic in the UK. In 1945, Yuko was 11 years old and getting ready to go to school at Mahoutokoro Magical Academy.

Then on August 6, the American muggles dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Mr. Hisako correctly deduced that it may not be the only one, and immediately moved his family to England. They were housed by one of Mr. Hisako's Ministry acquaintances until they found their own place. Mr. Hisako was also able to pull strings within the Ministry and get Yuko a spot at Hogwarts mere days before the new school year started.

Luckily for Yuko, her parents wanted her to be well-versed not only in magic, but also in art and culture. By the time she was 11, she was fluent not only in her native Japanese, but also Korean and English. She was also a talented painter.

The other students at Hogwarts welcomed Yuko warmly, but the transition was still one of turmoil. While most of her wizarding friends had been apparated out of the city by their parents before the second bomb went off, not all of them had been so lucky. Not to mention all her friendly muggle neighbors who'd had no chance of escape.

Yuko Hisako has now long been a well-respected Professor at Hogwarts. Her parents' early teachings gave her a natural talent for picking up other languages, and she excelled at Ancient Runes. She's demure, cultured, and warm, but deep inside she still completely detests Grindelwald - more than most - for letting things go too far all those years ago.

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