Class: Potions

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Class: Potions

Postby Avis » August 15th, 2013, 8:29 pm

Use this topic to attend Potions class.

Professor: Erica Sadowski (Wrackspurt)
Spoiler: show
Erica Sadowski - Potions - Hufflepuff - Head of House

Age: 31
Wand: Pear, Unicorn Hair, 10 1/4", Supple
Patronus: Dog - Collie
Blood Status: Half-Blood (Half-Blood Mother and Father)

Appearance: She's a tall witch at 5'10", and quite pretty. She has dark green eyes and light brown hair that appears even lighter most of the year, because she spends most of her free time out on the grounds in the sun - she much prefers it to the cold windowless potions corridor.

Bio: Erica was born with an affinity for all living things, making her both an excellent student during her school years - she had an aptitude for both Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures - and a caring friend to all. This combination of empathy and intelligence brought her close to being a hatstall between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Her natural knowledge of the creatures and plants she cared so much for also included their magical properties, which helped her excel in potions as well. The fact that she was no slouch in her other classes made her one of the best students in her year.

She spent much of her spare time during her Hogwarts years as a tutor to as many fellow students as she could. Her natural desire to help others led to her being selected as both a prefect and later Head Girl, by which time she'd long since realized she wanted to continue helping students for years to come as a professor. As such, she applied for the first Professor position at Hogwarts that became available - Potions - and got the job easily.

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Re: Class: Potions

Postby Pumpkin » May 26th, 2014, 2:36 am

Mia walked into the potions classroom, and stared at the potion pots awaiting her.
"I suck a Potions, why does it have to be a practical, today?" she asked Professor Sadowski.
"Now, child. I think you'll enjoy today. We'll be brewing Felix Felicis." Professor Sadowski replied, obviously excited.
"And... that is?" Mia threw.
"A luck potion, sweetheart." The professor answered kindly. 'Wow, yay for me,' Mia thought as she took an empty seat in the middle of the class, to avoid being noticed. The class filed in, and the seat next to Mia's was still empty, she sighed and put her head in her hands, pretending to be listening to what her teacher was saying.

In a louder and more abrupt voice, Professor Sadowski shouted,
"Mr Leroi, if you could please take a seat and stop disrupting a class," Alexander Leroi, without a second thought, came over and sat down in the back row, "Actually," the professor added, "Please take a seat next to Miss Martins," Mia silently groaned, she didn't mind Alex, but from what she can remember, he's not the best at potions, nor the best at paying attention to anything but Purebloods. Alex, without argument, took a seat next to Mia - probably happy that he wasn't seated next to a Hufflepuff, who he would probably end up exploiting, and leaving them in quite a wreck in the middle of class.


Following the procedure for making the luck potion, Mia threw a smile at Alex, proud that it was actually a gold(ish) colour, and that it wasn't smoking. At the end of the lesson each pair of students where asked to bottle a vial and hand it in for marking. Mia stood back over the cauldron and tried to hold the vial over the pot, so she didn't spill anything and poured the potion, ever so carefully, into the vial. Smiling she looked up to see Alex, talking to a pureblood Slytherin sitting behind them. 'Typical,' Mia thought to herself and rolled her eyes.

Thinking to show Alex before she gave the potion up to Professor Sadowski, she poked Alex in the side causing him to let out a yelp in surprise and knock the pot. Almost as if the world was in slow motion, the cauldron full of Felix Felicis came tumbling down upon them, covering them both in their potion.
"Ew, why did you do that?" Mia screamed, as she realised what just happened.
"Why did you poke me?" Alex retorted, looking just as angry.
"Oh children, what have you done?" Professor Sadowski asked as she ran over to them.
"It was her,"
"It was him," they shouted in unison pointing at each other.

Rolling her eyes at the display of immaturity, Professor Sadowski flicked her wand cleaning both the students up as well as the mess made around them.
"Well, you're perfectly fine." She started, "But you will have good luck for one aspect of your day," Mia perked up, luck? That was awesome, and she looked over at Alex, who had a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.
"I do know it was an accident, but considering that you did get an award out of this, which you shouldn't have," she added, "For carelessness, Slytherin house has been deducted 10 points." But, Mia couldn't care less about the points, she was too excited. She handed the potions professor her vial, so that it could still be marked, grabbed her wand and ran for the door.
"Oh, Mia?" Professor Sadowski called after her, "Well done on the potion, I can see that you're really improving. Maybe, Mr. Leroi is good for something after all." They both shared a smile, and Mia ran out the door, passing Alex who whispered,
"Nice going, Martins," which she barely caught as she ran passed.
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