Class: Astronomy & Elemental and Intuitive Magic

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Class: Astronomy & Elemental and Intuitive Magic

Postby Avis » August 15th, 2013, 8:25 pm

Before the students lies a circle of standing stones, some wrapped with rope and decorated with beads and wind chimes, others with carved with elaborate water rivets or niches holding incense burners and yet again another painted with elaborate symbols in dirt. Inside the tall stones lie smaller stones, suitable to sit on. The Forbidden Forest is visible from here and eerie cries fill the sky even as tree branches move in strange, erratic movements independent from the wind.

There is a clip-clop of hooves and a female Centaur appears from behind one of the standing stones. Her hair, hanging loose and wild around her shoulders, picks up in the wind and a myriad of beads, stones and feathers is shown woven into it. "Welcome," she says in a melodic voice, "I am Kenta. I will teach you about the art of Elemental Magic, how to use your Intuition rather than your wand and how to read the Sun, Stars and Moon in the sky." She gestures to the smaller stones, "Be seated so we may begin."

Professor: Kenta (NPC)
Spoiler: show
Kenta - Centaur of the Forbidden Forest: NPC

Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her mind to late 20's.
Wand: n/a
Patronus: n/a
Blood status: Centaur. Classified as Magical Beast XXXX.

Appearance: Kenta is a female centaur with thick black hair that falls down to her waist and is woven through with several small braids, feathers, bone beads and beautiful stones. She wears no clothes, but if she notices that students are uncomfortable with her nakedness, she'll sweep her hair forward to cover her breasts (teachers will just have to get used to it though). Below the waist she is a light bay horse with a black tail (also woven through with a few small braids and feathers) and black fetlocks. Her eyes are a deep, almost walnut-brown colour. Kenta carries a spear, with which she is quite proficient.

Bio: As darkness rose in mainland Europe, the Centaurs of the Forbidden Forest sent an 'ambassador' to Hogwarts, with the intention of staying appraised of developments in the Wizarding Community (through diplomatic means and spying) and ensuring that Hogwarts could be trusted to have the Centaurs best interest at heart. As ambassador they selected Kenta; a young centauride with a great amount of patience and tolerance (needed to deal with the humans).

Not wanting to remain simply idle, Kenta offered to teach 'Elemental and Intuitive Magic'; an extracurricular subject on the four elements and innate magical abilities. While most students are unable to master Kenta's teachings, as humans simply lack the magical abilities of most Creatures, her class did provide students with a deeper understanding of non-wizarding magic, as well as an edge in learning wandless and wordless magic and mastering abilities such as animagics. When the old Astronomy Professor retired, Kenta has added Astronomy to her classes.

As word of the Centaurs' 'disappearance' from mainland Europe reaches England, Kenta becomes increasingly agitated. She will lash out against anyone, student or teacher, who she suspects of harbouring sympathies or even allegiance to Grindelwald, though the Centaurs' code of honour would stop her from physically injuring a minor.

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Re: Class: Astronomy & Elemental and Intuitive Magic

Postby Caronis Tarrenarm » September 11th, 2017, 2:39 am

Samara eagerly sat herself down on a stone beside her friend and fellow 5th year Hufflepuff, Marley Lonehorn. Elemental magic was one of her favourite subjects.

Kenta stood in the centre of the circle of students. “In this class, I will teach you how to use elemental magic spells. Many witches and wizards like to use elemental magic as it is magic in its most natural form.” She paused for a moment. “Now listen carefully. Each of the four elements has its own basic qualities and attributes. The element of Earth is all forms of money, prosperity, growth, nature, rules and regulations. Crystals and herbs are often used for Earth spells. The element of Air represents memory, inspiration, travel, ideas, mental clarity, intelligence, freedom, creativity and new beginnings. Objects such as bells and feathers have attributes of this element.”

Samara raised a hand.

“Yes, Miss Tarrenarm?”

“How difficult are these spells, Professor?”

“They are relatively simple, much easier than learning hundreds of other correspondences for oils, herbs and stones.”

Kenta swished her tail before continuing. “Spells using the element of fire are the most popular and involve ego, willpower, creativity, energy, strength, passion and anger. Items used for conducting these spells include candles and volcanic glass. The final element is water and its energies are often used in spells for mystery, dreams, psychic abilities, healing, fertility, friendship, love and sleep. Use crystal and naturally-collected rainwater for conducting these spells.”

Samara smiled, looking forward to everything she knew she would learn about this intriguing subject.

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