PFF Roleplay Character Application & NPC Records

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Re: PFF Roleplay Character Application & NPC Records

Postby Eden » October 16th, 2017, 4:30 pm

(REVISED AND EDITED) (All question that were asked, were answered by the editing of the sections) ( the sections with *'s are edited)
Forum Username: Eden
Character name: Abby
Full name: Abigail Grace Marie Carlton
*The last name is not highly recognized amongst other pure-bloods but it is a pureblood name.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Age, Year & House:11, year 1, Slytherin
Why she was chosen to be in slytherin: The sorting hat chose slytherin for Abby because she has had a tough life like with her father, and because she is intelligent and drawn to learning but factors that into her ambitiousness and manipulativeness.
Patronus: Will be an Oryx, because of her unique personality
Optional: Wand: Yew wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Unbending flexibility. The wand itself is unique and like itself chooses very unique but strong owners, the dragon core learns fast and bounds itself strongly to the first possessor, and the length is that of a normal ranged wand.
Appearance: long red curly hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, freckles from head to toe, tall but scrawny.
*Metamorphmagus, Abby is a metamorphmagus because, she inherited it from her mother, who was a very talented and spirited witch, Abby is the only one of the children that inherited metamorphmagus abilities from her mother and, her and Poppy are also the only ones that look like their mother in that way. Also, Abby was chosen for metamorphmagus powers because she is a very powerful witch and these powers will be helpful to her. Her grandparents were overjoyed that Abby was a metamorphmagus because she reminded them so much of their daughter at that age and she was so cute, Abby’s siblings all loved her powers as well because when she transformed, she was really cute and made the younger ones giggle but, they were a bit jealous.
Personality: fearsome to mess with, untrusting, strong and dangerous, witty and sarcastic, daring but not reckless, manipulative and ambitious, she can be kind to someone but, only if she has a deep affection for them as either a friend or maybe later on in her life a boyfriend.
Subjects and extra-curriculums that she is interested in: Abby loves Potions, and Charms, and she also like flying her broom a bit as well. Even though Abby isn't that interested in all of the other classes and extracurriculars though, because some of them like History of magic are boring and she can’t stand them.
History: Raised mainly by grandparents because the father was and is a terrible person and was really mean and hurt all of the children and the mother was always depressed. Abby has always had trouble making friends anywhere because despite being a pureblood, she never knew that she was even a witch and, her grandparents though she knew so they didn’t mention it, none of Abby’s siblings that are in Hogwarts knew that they were witches either until they started Hogwarts. Abby and her other siblings were all enrolled in muggle school until they were old enough for Hogwarts and they all had trouble making friends, because they had powers and were different from the muggle children. Abby’s father was not especially violent to her because of her metamorphmagus talents, but he was just naturally violent to all of the children because he didn’t like any children and wished he’d never had them. Abby and her siblings have moved 5 times since birth. She has 7 other siblings, but only one of them is in her house and two of them are not even in Hogwarts yet. The two that aren't in Hogwarts yet are her younger sisters, they are identical twins and are 4 years old. The other 4 are all at Hogwarts and are older than her, they were very unusual multiples, all four of them were identical girls. Ironically, all 4 of them were sorted into the same house, which was Ravenclaw because, even though like Abby they have a thirst for knowledge and are very manipulative, they are missing that ambitious drive. The 4 other girls were hurt by their father as well but were able to move past it unlike Abby who is still a bit hung up on it.
The one sibling of hers that is in the same house as her would be her identical twin sister Poppy, who is just like her, and was chosen for slytherin for the exact same reasons, the ambitious drive and hard life with the manipulativeness and motivation to learn. Abby and Poppy have trouble getting along sometimes, ad it isn't because they are not close personality wise but because of their personalities that are nearly exact that they have trouble getting along. All 8 children are girls and multiples of some sort and, they all live with their grandparents now because their parents finally left, the father leaving was their best interest but their mother leaving really hurt them. Abby is 3 minutes older than Poppy.
*All of the children are multiples because the mother was a identical twin and had multiples running all through her family and so, she inherited the gene of multiples. Also, the children are multiples because their life was a bit easier when they had a close friend of their age to share their pain with.
*The children have all managed to be okay at this point because even though their father hurt them and their mother, and their mother was always depressed, they are all very strong-willed and even as little kids, they were able to pull through. Also, once their grandparents found out, they helped the children and got custody right away. Even though the children are okay in health, they still have problems, the children are scared of tons of things even if they are dangerous and scary to most people, because the dangerous and scary is their personality along with the being scared and all Abby and her siblings do is pull the dangerous and scary personality along with their manipulativeness for a cover story so no one knows about their life. The children have also all gone to therapy over this so they didn’t end up like their mother or heaven forbid father.
*How Abby feels about being a witch: Once Abby found out that she was a witch, she was very happy to be a witch because, she would be happy to be anything as long as she knew what she was and who she was. She was also glad that no one teased her anymore. Now that Abby knows that she is a pureblood, she is happy and a bit unhappy with her blood status, she is happy that some of her fellow Slytherins will respect her more but kind of unhappy because the others will expect her to look down upon the muggle-borns and some of the half-bloods when she doesn’t really care about muggle-borns blood status because she knows what it’s like to feel like you’re different.
*Abby and her family deal with what is going on around them by basically just keeping their heads down and staying off the radar. Abby and her family sympathize with the muggle-borns but, they do not wish to support either side. They try to stay off the radar because they know that if they are too active then other pure-bloods will want to know where they stand and, they can’t openly oppose Grindelwald because they’ll be shipped off with the muggle-borns but they can’t say that they support him either because then other people will expect them to stick up for him or join in on things that they don’t want to do like debates or being on Grindelwald’s side. Abby’s family is not happy that Grindelwald is in control but, they are glad that even though they don’t support him, that no one seems to bother them even to ask if they support him or not because they are the ones that he views as better than everyone else, the pure-bloods.

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Re: PFF Roleplay Character Application & NPC Records

Postby Eden » October 17th, 2017, 3:29 pm

Is my character approved yet?

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Re: PFF Roleplay Character Application & NPC Records

Postby Xalu Derethor » October 19th, 2017, 6:27 pm

Forum Username: Xalu Derethor

Character name: Xalu Derethor

Blood Status: (Muggleborn, Halfblood, Pureblood)
Halfblood. (Wizard father, muggleborn mother)

Age, Year & House:
16, Sixth, Ravenclaw

Solid Form: Swallow.
Xalu loves to run when she's done with her homework and has studied enough. The feeling of freedom while doing laps around the lake takes away all of the stress she causes herself by pushing herself to her limits. A swallow is a fast bird, and will not breed in captivity; they prefer to be free, in the wild, protecting their homes and family.

Optional: Wand: (Wood, Core. Length, Qualities. Optional: Describe the meaning/qualities of your chosen wand properties.)
Her wand is made of larch wood with a unicorn hair. It is 10 inches long with a hard flexibility.

Appearance: (Hair, Height, Build, etc.)
Xalu is five feet, two inches tall. She weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds, with a lithe appearance. Her hair is a chestnut brown, falling to her shoulders in slight, natural curls. She keeps her bangs cut in a diagonal line, falling over the left side of her face. She has green eyes. She has high cheek bones and a slim face. Her skin is tanned, as when she is not studying she's outside running laps around the lake.

Personality: (See 'creating interesting PC')
Xalu is studious and hardworking. She seeks to constantly better herself. She tries to get into study groups with people she knows that are smarter than she is, to learn to see things from their perspective and increase her knowledge on different subjects.
She has a mind for strategy, enjoying such games as wizard's chess and a muggle board game called Risk. Beating others in these types of games give her a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and a slightly inflated ego.
Though she does love bettering herself, she is not opposed to helping those around her either. She's been seen tutoring younger students in the Ravenclaw common room; teaching them how to study more effectively, showing them different ways of thinking about a question, etc.

Xalu grew up in an average size house. She lived there with her parents and her twin brother, Liam. Her father works for the Ministry of Magic, doing something with law. Her mother, a muggle, works as a paralegal for a muggle law firm.
Due to their careers, Xal's parents were not at home much. She didn't mind, since she spent a lot of time with her brother. They looked out for each other and studied together, helping each other with any problems they had. During the weekends and late at night, they had family board game nights or just spent time together talking.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Other Skills:
Xal's main strength is being able to view a problem from different perspectives to quickly figure out a solution to it. She's also able to write notes out, for any class she enjoys, very quickly without missing anything a professor says, which gets some fellow students to talk to her; mainly asking to borrow her notes.
Her prideful hubris sometimes gets the better of her. She'll act haughty after winning a game or getting high marks on an exam, causing most students to steer clear of her for a few days. After she realizes that her attitude is causing others to feel bad about themselves she'll be sad and try to apologize to those she's made hurtful remarks to.
She loves working with plants, her favorite subject being Herbology. She tried very hard in potions, but decided not to take it as an N.E.W.T. so she can focus on the courses required for a curse breaker. She did clear taking herbology still with her head of house, since she couldn't bear to drop the class.

If a 6th or 7th year, a list of NEWT classes:
Arithmancy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Ancient Studies, Herbology
Academic Strengths: Ancient Studies, Arithmancy, Herbology
Academic Averages: Charms, DADA
Academic Weakness: Astronomy and Divination
Xal is utterly fascinated by the Arithmancy/Ancient Studies' Professor Astel. She hangs onto his every word during classes and usually finds some question or other to put to him between classes to hear his views on the subjects. She might have a small crush on him, which is why she continued to study Ancient Studies as well into N.E.W.T.

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Re: PFF Roleplay Character Application & NPC Records

Postby WolfMoon » October 26th, 2017, 11:13 am

@Rosaline: If you add the changes to your character write-up your characters are approved. You may create topics for each character in the Character Records.

@Eden: I'll send you a PM about your character soon.

@Xalu: Your character is approved. You may create a topic for her in the Character Records.

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