A Guide to join the PFF Roleplay

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A Guide to join the PFF Roleplay

Postby WolfMoon » April 13th, 2018, 8:24 am

:hogwarts: Hello fellow Hogwarts Students and Roleplay fans! :hogwarts:

If you are interested in our Roleplay but you don’t know how to get started this is the guide to help you.
First of all, you should read the Rules and Guidelines where you’ll find basic information on what you are allowed to do, terms that are used, how we deal with time (fluid time, time skips), personal events, player activity and write-ups (here for NPCs).

The Thread Index gives you an overview on the Locations/ IC Threads, the OOC Threads, Subforums and the Roleplay Team. You'll also find announcements concerning the Character Records in here.

The next step is to read about the Roleplay plot, the calendar, the classes and the events. There you’ll find out about our setting, plot events that happened so far, which date we currently have in our Roleplay, which events are planned on certain days (the calendar), random events for your character that you can sign up for to get an event if you have an accepted character and you want something random to happen to which you can react, personal events which have to be worked out with the Roleplay team (pm me if you want one and we can work it out together), the class schedules for each year, which classes your character can take depending on the year he/she is in and the Sports Teams and their members.

If you have read this and if you haven’t got any questions, you can start creating your character in the Character Application Thread. There you will even find information on creating your character and what you should keep in mind. The NPC write-ups can be done here and here you’ll find a list of active players, again the sports teams and NPCs including the teachers.
Keep the plot in mind while creating your character. You can use it for your character’s history.
Even though the school year has already started, you can join the Roleplay. We could assume that your character hasn’t had much contact with the others except maybe being in their classes, common rooms or dorms. You can always say that your character had other friends but we can always work something out together if you don’t know how to get your character in contact with the other role-players. We can also assume that you’ve been a part of a certain group all the time. Just contact me and the role-players whose characters you want to interact with and we can come up with a way to integrate your character.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I have collected a lot of information about the Roleplay since I joined in 2013.

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