Chat whispers and privacy

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Chat whispers and privacy

Postby Rhynn » June 23rd, 2015, 10:30 am

Since the forum update, a small but significant thing has changed about the chat. Namely: I now have access to the chat logs, meaning I can read back what has been said in the past.

I am not yet sure how long these logs are kept, but assume it is indefinite.

Currently, only I am able to access these and I am planning to keep it this way for as long as possible. In theory Jag17, ProfessorHagrid and CharmSpell199 also have access, but only with the specific link to it which they do not currently have.

I read these logs only if something has been reported. To report something which has happened in chat, please tell me the date and time in forum time! Of course also include who was involved and what happened.

Here's the thing though: in these logs, whispered messages are also visible, and I have not found a way to turn this off. As I said I only read the logs when something has been reported, which rarely happens - since the chat was first installed on the old forum, we have received exactly three reports concerning it.
When I do have to read the chat logs, I try very hard not to actually read what has been said in whispers, but naturally it's difficult to not see it at all. Rest assured, however, that I do not under any circumstances share what I see in the logs with anyone else.

So to repeat: I can read the logs including whispers, but don't unless I absolutely have to. If I happen to read anything which has been whispered, I do not share it with anyone else under any circumstances.

The whisper function is, therefore, not 100% private. I'd still say it's 99% private, though.

(Naturally, if the report concerns something that has been whispered, I have no choice but to read them. If someone whispers you anything you're not comfortable with, report it!)

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