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Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: February 15th, 2013, 10:57 pm
by shadowsword26135
I guess I'm posting this a bit late, or at least later than everyone else, but Rhynn, I think this topic is a wonderful idea, and you are an incredible, amazingly awesome person for thinking of it. :)

I want to contribute something useful, at least, to this amazing forum, so I offer my services as a listening ear to anyone who needs one, either by PM or chat or email (I can be reached at or any other way you can think of.

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 3rd, 2013, 4:55 pm
by SilverWolf
I suppose you can call this basic High School Senior worries...

#1: Tomorrow I have my first interview for my first job(Teen job). The interview is at a new small local restaurant near me. I'm going for the waitress/server position. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me.(like what exactly a waitress/server would do ) :roll:

#2: I'm going to be starting my Senior Year at High School in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about the ACT/SAT's, which one was easier to study for, tips for studying for them, which would be preferred by a small state college...anything that might make me feel better about taking one of these test. :roll:

#3: Since I'm in my Senior Year, I have to get ready for College...which is making my mind spin and stomach churn. I have to pass my remaining classes in High School and get my GED, take the ACT or SAT(and do well), I need to do a Campus Visit to my College in order to apply for the Scholarships they offer, I still need to take and pass the tests to get my driver's license, Apply to my College, Apply for Scholarships, Fill out/turn in a FAFSA, etc. So much to remember and do in so little time. (btw, my College is 8 hours away from home and a campus visit to there would be around $300, I have $0 and my parents won't[and financially can't] chip in; so I really am relying on getting that job in #1). :(

#4: Senior Year means I have to think about what I want to study in College/do after College. I honestly am not really sure what exactly I want to do for a living...I've bounced from one profession to another and have taken online most recent decision was an Elementary School Teacher(first or second grade)...but I'm not really sure. :(

Any help would be appreciated :roll: :hogwarts:

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 3rd, 2013, 5:18 pm
by OakNight
I can't help you with the interview, but maybe I can give some advice for 2 and 4

2) When I took the ACT and SAT the theme seemed to be that ACT was widely used in the midwest (where you are, right?) and the SAT was used on the coasts. My brother is also going into his senior year of high school, and he says these days it is pretty much ACT everywhere.

The best you can do to prep is take a sample test or two. There are also hints out there for how to use your time wisely and how best to guess. There are prep courses offered pretty much everywhere, but I'm sure you can find the info online too. The most important thing to know about how the test works, though is that it is never a bad idea to guess.

If I remember correctly, the test is laid out like this:
every question has 5 choices
if you choose correctly, you get 1 point
if you choose incorrectly, you lose a quarter point
therfore, if you guess randomly on every question, you will end up with 0 points (since statistically in five questions you will answer 1 correctly and 4 incorrectly)
This is important, because if you can eliminate just one option from every question, you will come out positive by guessing

3) Is there a reason you want to go to this college in particular? (I have no idea what the college is, I'm just interested at why the one college you want to visit is so far away)
Perhaps it would help to reduce your stress if you wrote everything out that you have to do, along with all the information you have on it. That will decrease the stuff you have to keep reminding yourself about.

4) My advice would be to take an Elementary Education class in your first semester of college, and fill the rest with general education requirements. That way you can see how you like what you are currently thinking about, as well as seeing what else is out there. If you really enjoy one of our gen ed classes, take another one in that department the next semester.

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 3rd, 2013, 7:45 pm
by Hermione Leviosa
Silver I will try to be of some help. Oak gave some great advise.
I got my first waitress job in High School too. As a waitress, I was told the "customer is king". After all you are providing a service. People go to restaurants to enjoy the atmosphere and the food. They don't want to be "forgotten", so do things like be quick to brings drinks to the table and know the menu. If you are very personable that is a major plus. A nice smile during your interview will go a long way, after all customers want to be greeted with a smile. Have you eaten at the restaurant you are interviewing for? Knowledge of the restaurant and it's food will help your interview. Especially if you like the food. Just remember the interviewer is nervous too. ;) Waitressing can be very difficult if you want to be a good waitress, but the pay off is good tips. Be prepared to deal with people that will be difficult no matter how good of service you give. Don't take anything personally, just continue to treat people well. Remember if there is an unsatisfied customer that you just can't please, bring in your manager to help smooth things out. Always keep that smile.

As for SAT's and ACT's I took both just in case I was better at one over the other. There are books in the Library that will help you study for them. Here is an online ACT practice test: and here is the online SAT practice test:

I am surprised your High School Guidance Counselor doesn't have the scholarship information to give you. It's their job to get that information for you. Check this link out: ... counselor/

As for what to study, don't sweat that too much. Most people don't know what they are going to study when they go to college. Your first two years are going to be core courses anyway. Your college guidance councelor can give you a test that can determine the types of jobs where your strengths lie. Here is one of many online tests you can try taking this to see what might work toward your stengths: Visit job fairs. Most importantly, what do you like doing? :?: If you want we can talk about it. Sometimes talking to your friends will give you some insight on what you are good at and what you enjoy.

Take it from me I was able to manage getting a degree that would get me a well paying job, but I never liked the subject. My mother is proud of my degree, but I am not my mother. It is my life and I regret getting a degree just to please my mother and pay the bills.

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 3rd, 2013, 8:56 pm
by RoseFirebolt77
Great advice has already been given. I just want to reiterate that you don't need to know what you want to get your degree in when you first start college. Just take some basic classes that are required for all degrees and see what interests you. Many freshmen are undeclared when they start college or change their major sometime along the way (I did).

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 3rd, 2013, 9:22 pm
by Jag17
Hey Sliver!! Look like you got a lot of great advice already and I agree with with them but just wanted to add something.

Just one year ago I was in the same shoes as you. I was entering my senior year and had some of the same problems so if you ever want to talk you can send me a pm.

I also wanted to say that have you considered going to a community college? You can get all your basic classes out of the way than after two years or so you usually can transfer to a 4 year university as a junior and you save some money as well. I'm starting at a community college this fall.

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 8th, 2013, 4:03 am
by ShadowLarsie
Oh man sorry I'm really late but I also accept the role as listening ear so if you have some things on your mind don't hesitate to email me at:, or send me a PM :P

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 17th, 2013, 1:05 pm
by Jemby51
For SilverWolf and her concerns: (sorry this is so long!)

Taking the SAT/ACT tests:
- Practice on the available test samples so you get used to how the tests work.
- Get plenty of rest the night before (do all your studying before hand and DON'T DO ANY the night before)
- Eat a good breakfast and dress comfortably the day of the test
- Practice self-confidence: Remember that you are intelligent and capable, and think of things that make you feel good about yourself
- Read each question twice before you answer
- Play Jeopardy to back-check. Given the answer, do you have the right question?
- If you don't know the correct answer, eliminate obviously wrong choices, and decide between the ones remaining
- Keep moving! Don't spend too much time on any one question or you'll run out of time. Sometimes low scores don't mean the tester got the answers wrong...they mean that not all the questions were answered.

Also: I didn't do this, but others did and I realized late that I should have tried the Achievement Tests
If any are offered, go ahead and try for them...this is like Extra Credit points

I took both ACT and SAT and scored well; also took the NMSQT (Nationa Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) - don't know if that is still offered, but if you're in need of funding it wouldn't hurt to try...although come to think of it that may have been Junior year

Speaking of funding & Jobs:
- Waitressing can be a good choice and you already have advice from those who have been there

I would also recommend two other things:
1) Ask your school counsellor to recommend jobs that will also give you education types of jobs will often gain you points towards your degree; the company I work for has a summer intern program for mechanical-engineering majors, and they get paid while they work plus they earn college credits
2) Talk with a GOOD temporary employment/staffing firm. I've worked with several in my long career, and they can be great at getting you in the door - then it's up to you to prove yourself. A good firm will not only place you in a job where you get paid; they will teach you how to write a resume, and fill out a job application, and how to handle yourself in a job interview. An extra-good agency will help you find a job you love and really want to stay with all through your college career.

As a side note to #2: don't feel pressured to finish college directly after high school - even if all your friends are going for it! The dropout rate in freshman year at a 4-year college is very high...and some people never go back. I have a cousin who alternated taking classes and working full time over several years (I think it was seven, but it might have been eight). He started out with no real major or area of interest, just going along, and by the time he finished he had not only done all the classes, he had a load of work experience and had focused on his major and had three offers for well-paying jobs! Plus, he had learned about teamwork and leadership and networking along the way.

I went to a nursing school after H.S., but didn't finish that (lucky for the patients!); but I finished my Bachelor's degree in Biology at a state college three years later. And a whole lot of years after that, I went back and studied Computer Science for two years at a Community College, and another whole lot of years after that (I'm really old) I got an M.B.A. So you can also look at college as a life-long learning opportunity.

And having nattered on for a really long post, I want to close by wishing you all the very best as you discover who you're going to be!

Re: Need a listening ear? Something on your mind?

Posted: August 29th, 2013, 6:35 am
by ShadowLarsie
Great advice, Jemby! So, Silver, just use all that advice and I'm sure you'll make it ;)