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PFF Group Organization

Postby Rhynn » December 13th, 2011, 5:38 am

Pottermore Fan Forum Organization

To show how the Pottermore Fan Forum is organized with moderating groups, we've created this thread. It explains who to go to with what problem or question.

1. Headmasters
The Headmasters are the administrators of the Pottermore Fan Forum. Whatever they say, goes. They pay for the website, lead the Professors, Prefects and Teams, and make any major changes that are needed behind-the-scenes. They are the only ones who can appoint Deputy Headmasters and must approve all major staff and forum changes. Our Headmasters are CharmSpell199, Professor Hagrid, and Riverfirebolt . Hagrid and Charm are very busy though, so please only contact them if you have a problem River or the other staff members can't handle.

2. Deputy Headmasters
The Deputy Headmaster leads the Professors and Prefects in activities, assists the Headmasters in day-to-day functions, etc. They have the ability to permanently delete members, change their signatures, avatars and usernames, and many more things. If you have a technical issue (for instance, you suddenly have the ability to make announcements in a certain forum), please contact the Deputy Headmaster. The Deputy Headmaster also counts as a normal Professor, so you can also contact them with any problem you would send to a Professor.
Our Deputy Headmasters are DawnPumpkin33 and Jag17.

3. Professors
The Professors are the moderators of the forum. They are the 'police' of the forum - you can contact them with any problems or questions you have. If another member insults you, report this to the Professors. If you lost an outrageous amount of PFF points just because of a simple post edit, contact the Professors to have it changed back. Professors have the power to modify, give and take away points; they can edit and delete all posts; they can make a topic into a sticky topic or announcement; they can lock and move topics - and many more things.
Our Professors are, Ashdust

4. Prefects
Prefects are very similar to Professors with one main difference- they are minors. As such, Prefects cannot approve or disapprove new posts. They are, however, responsible for keeping order in the House Common Rooms and for assisting with minor moderating in the other forums. You can contact the Prefects with any non-adult problem pertaining to your House or the forum.
We currently don't have any prefects

The Headmasters, Deputy Headmaster, Professors and Prefects, together, form the PFF Staff, sometimes known as Order of the Moderators.

5. PFF Class Professors
The PFF Class Professors teach the PFF Classes. They grade the homework, write new classes, run the exams and give guidance to the students. They are moderators within the PFF Classes forums. Contact them for any question or problem regarding the classes.
Our current Class Professor is NightRook30697.

6. Roleplay Team
The Roleplay team moderates the Hogwarts Roleplay forum. They keep the story running and approve new characters. Any questions you have that specifically relate to the Roleplay are to be directed at the Roleplay Team.
Our Roleplay Team members are Biologist and Whispers

7. Honorary Members
Honorary Members are members who have in the past done a huge amount for the forum. The rank is given to them to show our appreciation for everything they have done for the forum previously. This rank comes with a free (but slightly limited) VIP membership.
Currently we have four Honorary Members: DawnPumpkin33, Danul, Garnie, RoseFirebolt77 and Rhynn.

8. Members
Everyone with an account on the Pottermore Fan Forum is considered a member. Members are divided into five groups: Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, Slytherins and Unsorted members. Members have no moderating powers - which means they should also refrain from any kind of moderating! So when another member breaks the rules, report them to the Staff instead of handling the situation yourself. Handling the situation by yourself is called Back-seat Moderating, which is against our rules!

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