How to contact the Pottermore team

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How to contact the Pottermore team

Postby Rhynn » July 28th, 2012, 9:04 pm

Sometimes you really need to contact the Pottermore team, because something just isn't right with your account. If you are having trouble figuring out how, just follow the steps in this post.

First, go to this page.
Then, scroll down until you see the 'What's Next?' question. Click it.
This should show a yellow link 'Need more help?', with an arrow next to it. Click the link.
That should have opened the contact form.

Fill in your first name, add your Pottermore name (if you have one), add your e-mail address (make sure it's a working address or they won't be able to contact you!).
Select the appropriate subject - if your message doesn't fit into any of the categories, it's best to select 'General query'.
Then SHORTLY describe your problem/ask your question. Make sure it fully explains the problem - the Pottermore team gets loads of message each day so make it as short and concise as you can. Be polite - if there is room for it.

Next, select if you wish to receive a reply or not. Keep in mind; even if you select 'yes', you may not get a reply! It really depends on the problem/question.

Complete the captcha and click 'Send' to finish sending the message.

And that is how you contact the Pottermore team!

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