What exactly is the logic behind blood purity?

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What exactly is the logic behind blood purity?

Postby stebbinsd » January 19th, 2018, 2:09 pm

The main villains in the first 7 books were blood purists. The whole conflict was essentially a race war. The blood purists believed that muggles were all scum and anyone who didn't outright loath muggles, let alone actually befriended and mated with them, deserved nothing short of death. It what creates the main conflict of the first 7 books.

But do the blood purists have even the slightest bit of objective evidence to support their agenda? Or do they truly believe that the abomination of muggle blood is so obvious that it requires no further proof?

Now, you may ask "Well, of course they don't have any objective evidence! Why do you care so much? Even if they had a leg to stand on with their argument, does it really matter? It's not like they would suddenly be justified."

Well, actually, it does matter ... because the Wizarding World had two entire wars fought over this. That, ladies and gentlemen, changes everything.

Yes, there are people out there in the real world who are racist pieces of crap. But how many actual wars - not just riots or drive-by shootings, but full-blown wars - were fought over this racism? Note that, when I ask for a legitimate "race war," I am not simply asking for wars where race was used in the war propoganda. I'm talking about wars where, from start to finish, racial supremacy was one army's primary agenda that they were trying to force onto the other side.

That means that the American Civil War doesn't count as a race war. Lincoln was not fighting this war to free the slaves, and the South was not fighting to preserve their right to slavery. Both sides were fighting over the southern states' right to secede from the union. The end of slavery was just a by-product of the American Civil War; it wasn't the main focus.

That also means that USA vs. Japan in World War II doesn't count. Yes, the American government rounded up Japanese people on U.S. soil, and that was very racist of them. But that wasn't the reason USA and Japan were fighting. We weren't at war with Japanese people; we were at war with the sovereign nation of Japan, and the reason we were at war against them was because they bombed us, not because they were Asian!

Germany's involvement in World War II is the closest we've come to a true race war in world history. I mean ... the Holocaust, right?! The Holocaust!!!! NARGLE-INFESTED AREA, even Rowling admits that she modeled the Death Eater philosophy off the Nazi philosophy in real life!

However, even that has at least some mitigating factors behind it. In the 20 years in between World Wars I and II, Germany was in absolute turmoil due to the Treaty of Versailles. The German people were in almost constant poverty, so I can actually buy that they would be looking for someone ... anyone at all, other than themselves ... to blame for their situation. I can buy that they would eat up Hitler's anti-semetic bullcrap with a spoon, given their at-the-time state of mind. It's only with the benefit of hindsight, and with the comforts of a first world economy, that we realize just how arbitrary Hitler's views were.

But the Wizarding Wold doesn't appear to have that mitigating factor. Prior to the First Wizarding War, the Wizarding World seemed to be doing alright for themselves, economically speaking. For example, Harry's vast fortune that he inherited from his parents was acquired by his grandfather making a new brand of hair gel! Just how much money would wizard have had to spare that they could turn a hair gel inventor into a millionaire?!

So while there might have been a few people (e.g. Grindlewald or Voldemort) willing to start a war over their racist beliefs, I have a hard time believing that there were enough people out there deranged enough to join these leaders in their war and have that army be a sufficient threat to the peace. There should have been maybe a dozen people in the entire Wizarding World who not only harbored these beliefs on blood purity, but were willing to go to war over them. I can accept that maybe 10% of the Wizarding population would believe in blood purity enough to insist on in-breeding to ensure their own blood purity, while only a tenth of those guys - 1% of the population in total - would advocate a war. That still leaves 89% of the population sane (and wealthy) enough to see right through Grindlewald's and Voldemort's blood purity propoganda just as transparently as we today see through Hitler's propoganda.

Maybe ... MAYBE ... you could say that another 10% actually consider blood purity to be preferable but see breeding with muggles (and then pretending to be pure blood) as a necessary evil since that would still be preferable to in-breeding. But even that still leaves 79% of people who don't see any valid arguments in blood purity to begin with.

So just how did blood purity become such a common belief among the Wizarding World that there were not just one, but TWO wars fought over it?

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