Help me with my MA thesis about the HP books!

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Help me with my MA thesis about the HP books!

Postby idatherese » January 4th, 2018, 5:47 am

Hello! I'm writing my master's thesis in literature (in Norwegian), and the topic is the Harry Potter books! I need to analyze some of the different cover designs from different countries, and I only have access to a limited set in Norway.. If you have the books in your language, I would really appreciate if you could take some photos of them and send them to me (maybe the easiest is to share them on google drive or something like that).

This is what I'm looking for:
- book 1 and 7
- mostly in English and German (because I more or less understand these languages) but also other languages if possible!
- all the different cover designs you may have in your possesion
- but it should be the first edition of that particular design
- I need pictures of the front and back of the book, the spine, the endpapers (if they have illustrations or designs on them) the "inside" of the dustjacket, the title page, the colophon or the copy right page, the first page of the index and the first page of the first chapter. Here are some reference images I took of one of my Norwegian books: ... ubVvHrRBUw

I would be TRULY grateful if any of you can help me out with this. As a Potter geek I think there should be more academic work done on these books, and I hope you agree and want to help me out:)

Thank you for your time!

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