A couple question about transfiguration...

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A couple question about transfiguration...

Postby Michael Psellus » November 28th, 2016, 5:29 am

I know that transfigurations are permanent until reversed by another wizard/witch, but, how complete is the change? I mean...

If a wizard changes a desk into a pig, can he eat it? (not so far-fetched, trees and pigs are both made of cells, made in turn o big carbon molecules...)

If a wizard changes a couple of dogs into a cats, will the cats have alitter of kittens, or of puppies?

What about humans or magical beings? If a centaur is changed into human, could she give birth to normal human babies? Or the opposite, if a human is changed into an unicorn, will she give birth to normal unicorn foals?

I know that a human changed into an animal would have animal-level intelligence (unless he or she is an animagus) but, what about the opposite? Would a dog changed into human have human level intelligence? I guess that, at the beginning, it wouldn't have much use for its big brain, since it would retain the memories, skills and knowledge of a dog, but, could such creature learn over time and become a real human?

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