Petition for new film adaptation.  [Indexed]

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Petition for new film adaptation.  [Indexed]

Postby SirLukeTaylor » August 27th, 2015, 12:47 pm

Attention Harry Potter fans! Please look at the attached petition for the film adaptation of the 422nd Quidditch World Cup and sign! ... m=copylink

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Re: Petition for new film adaptation.

Postby AlyKun » August 27th, 2015, 5:49 pm

I'd love to see the 422th Guidditch Match, don't get me wrong but here are a few things I think is kind of in the way

Budget. A budget for a film is very Important and It might have not been enough to film the Quidditch Scene. I know Harry Potter probably had a large sum of money but If you look at the Production Design of that movie, It was no joke. They tried to make a mythical world. I can see how much they would spend to even make Hogwarts look like Hogwarts from the inside.

Time. In the interest of time, They probably weren't able to put it in the film. I mean, For people who've read the books, Seeing that match would have been a dream come true, Like for me. but I understood why they didn't show it. There are just things in the books that you can't put in a movie because it would then make the movie unnecessarily long. I

'm not saying the Quiddtch Match is not cool and important, It's just, when you're making a Film Adaptation of the book, You need to take into consideration all these things. Budget and Audience. They might have had enough budget, sure, but for people who've not read the books, the Quidditch Match does not really further the plot too far. And as a Filmmaker you have to make sure that your film is straight to the point so that, 1. Audience won't get bored and 2. Consider the Budget and the other more plot forwarding themes in the book that should be given emphasis too.

Here are a few things that might hinder them making it now.

The actors are old. WAY OLDER.
Cedric Digory? He was hella Thin when GoF came out! He gained weight for Twilight and he retained his body from there. He might still be able to reprise his roll if he lost weight but that's very dangerous for his health and it would never be the same body time for a 15 year old.
Same with Harry, Hermione and Ron. They've all aged so much and make up can only do so much.
I would love to see them back into the silver screen but I just don't think it would be plausible.

They'll be disrupting the continuity of the Film. their heights won't be accurate, their voices, their body types. A lot of things. And Continuity in Film is VERY IMPORTANT.

I know Harry Potter might not be the most accurate Book to Film Adaptation but it's one of the best. They didn't stick to the book, I get it but do you really think, people who haven't read the books would stick around for a 5 hour Harry Potter movie? I mean, I know it's a good movie but just imagine that. Harry Potter the Movie series went and made the movie their own. There's nothing wrong with cutting a few things because there are things more important and more plot driven. Again, Harry Potter Movies might not be accurate too much to the books but the whole point of the movie was to get those who didn't read the books to get interested in the franchise and maybe, if they get interested enough, buy the book for themselves. And it might be appealing to the fans of books to sit through the whole Harry Potter movies where everything is accurate but it wouldn't be too appealing for those who don't know the books.

I'm looking at this in a very Film maker point of view. As I am a Film Student. I'm just saying what might be the reason it wasn't in GoF or why it might not get made today or in the future. As much as I love Harry Potter and the books, I put my perspective in the Film makers and see that it might not be too plausible. Don't get me wrong I would love to see The Quidditch World Cup, it's just, I don't think it'll do much to help the plot of the whole Movie Series.

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Re: Petition for new film adaptation.

Postby Rhynn » August 28th, 2015, 6:51 am

I agree with AlyKun. As awesome as it would have been to see the match, it just doesn't work for the film adaptation.

If I recall correctly, when the Fantastic Beasts movie was announced, there was also mention of an adaptation of Quidditch through the Ages. If FB turns out to be a success, I wager it won't take long before QttA is made. That one should have plenty of Quidditch to make up for the lack of it in the other movies ;)

And really, we have plenty of things to look forward to as Potter fans, why go back and re-do what's already there? To sum up what we can expect:
-the Fantastic Beasts movie trilogy
-Pottermore updating accordingly (that's what they're hinting at in any case)
-it would be logical to see Fantastic Beasts additions to the Studio Tour in London
-likewise, a smart move for the Wizarding World park would be to add some FB things, whether it be just a ride or an entire extension to the park
-all of the above for Quidditch through the Ages
-and let's not forget there's a lot of material in Tales of Beedle the Bard as well, if they really want to milk the franchise even more (I wouldn't mind that one bit)
-The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, if they're smart they do stuff with that as well

So... Yeah. I don't see the need for the GoF Quidditch match to be filmed. Sorry!

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Re: Petition for new film adaptation.

Postby Dulcinea Wilkes » September 26th, 2015, 10:20 am

What I would like to see would be a prequel film showing the events before Harry was born. For example; the Marauders at school, how Harry's parents met, the activities of Voldemort and the Death Eaters, plus the efforts of the Order of the Phoenix to stop them. That way, the age of the actors won't come into question, as there would be new cast members along with some of the older actors.

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