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Rank the Books - Indexed

Postby Wrackspurt » January 24th, 2014, 9:15 pm

This idea was born out of the chat. Pretty straightforward. Rank all seven books in order from your favorite to least favorite, and feel free to explain why (in excruciating detail, if you feel compelled to do so). Maybe your least favorite book is someone else's favorite. I think it'd be fun if we managed to get a discussion going.

I'll get it going. I probably won't go into too much detail though.

1. Half-Blood Prince - I personally liked all the background information we got from the Pensieve chapters. Not only about Riddle, but about Horcruxes and the items he chose and how he managed to track some of them down.

2. Deathly Hallows - I just thought it was a really well-paced story for the most part. It had some tense moments throughout, such as with Xeno Lovegood, Malfoy Manor, and of course the story of the Hallows themselves. Plus, I'm a sucker for wandlore, so I loved the explanation of how Harry was able to win in the end.

3. Goblet of Fire - While I perhaps could have done without S.P.E.W. just to thin it out a little bit, overall it was enjoyable I thought. Quidditch World Cup, the three tasks, and of course the graveyard scene are all strong moments.

4. Sorcerer's Stone - MAGIC! Once you get past the Dursley's there really isn't a slow moment in the book. Great introduction to the Wizarding World

5. Prisoner of Azkaban - I'm aware this is probably a low placing, and the explanation for that is I've read it the least because my copy is ruined. If I read it more it might move up. I really like the character of Lupin, and this is basically his biggest part.

(Goblet of Fire, Sorcerer's Stone, and Prisoner of Azkaban are all really close together)

6. Order of the Phoenix - Uggh... Umbridge. Cho. Lack of Dumbledore. It's not bad, but it drags at times. However, the introduction of Luna, plus the Department of Mysteries are both great. (Seriously, why wait 5 books for Luna?)

7. Chamber of Secrets - Again, not bad, but something has to be at the bottom. To me it doesn't have the gripping storyline of the other books, and it also doesn't have the charm of the original. I know it secretly introduced us to Horcruxes, but it still feels like it was just a filler between book one and the high-stakes books.
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Re: Rank the Books

Postby Emmy » January 26th, 2014, 11:22 am

Alrighty, here it goes!

1. Half-Blood Prince

I also loved the background information we got. That's what I've always loved about J.K. Rowling's writing, how deep it goes. She knows so much about her world, and it makes the story so rich. :)

2. Prisoner of Azkaban

This book was very different from the first two books, which I really liked! This book was exciting to me ... and i just adored how it all came together at the end. The time turning .... gosh just tons of fun! The story threw me for a loop ... I love books that surprise me. :)

3. Deathly Hallows

Gosh I love this books so much, wonderfully paced as Trup said. So many emotions were felt during this book, I couldn't have asked for a better ending to the series.

4. Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone

This is where it all started :D And it's wonderful and magical and it makes me happy :lol:

5. Chamber of Secrets

I think it is just as magical as the first book, it got a tab bit darker and had a lot of bits that made me laugh. :)

6. Goblet of Fire

This book took me awhile to get through. Some parts in between the stages of the competition dragged a bit for me. Harry really annoyed me in this one. But the return of Voldemort was awesome. I also liked being introduced to other schools.

7. Order of the Phoenix

There are many things that I like about this book... but it just didn't flow very well for me. JKR has said she wishes she could go back and edit this book again ... I think it could have been a lot better if she had! But I of course still love it :)
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Re: Rank the Books

Postby Hermione Leviosa » January 26th, 2014, 3:44 pm

Some of these I really have as a tie.
1. Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone
I still love the excitement of being introduced into the world of magic. I found the most happiness from this book. :P

2. Deathly Hallows
I liked this book because it revealed Snape's secret life and Voldy finally dies. Image I was hungering for a lot of the information in this book. With Voldy gone Harry can finally find some happiness but I think it is a much darker happiness than he deserved. I really feel Harry was robbed in many ways.

3. Prisoner of Azkaban
I liked this one because Harry finally finds "family" and strong hope of happiness. Lupin was very enjoyable in this book. Image Hermione's dislike of Trelawny was fun to me. Image

4.Half-Blood Prince
I liked this one because of the pensive information. I didn't like Dumbledor dying. Image

5. Goblet of Fire First of all I enjoy competition and this was almost entirely a competition, with the story weaved nicely within it. I also liked the Yule ball and the introduction of new characters. Image

6. Chamber of Secrets I just didn't like the basilisk. Just too creepy. I would have had this book last if it wasn't for Umbridge. I think the best thing for me in this book was Dobby. :dobby: Lockhart was a trip. Image

7. Order of the Phoenix I liked the view of the Ministry of Magic in this book, but I have a huge dislike for Umbridge and Sirius dying. Image Sirius dying just seemed to crush my hopes for Harry's happiness. However, Harry finally gets a glimpse of the relationship Snape and James had from Snape's view. I also liked the introduction of Luna Image
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Re: Rank the Books

Postby blademagic39 » May 19th, 2014, 8:39 pm

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Because It starts the amazing magical journey of the entire series.

2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry learns the truth about the death of his parents and learns of his godfather Sirius Black is innocent and that Peter Pettigrew was the one that really betrayed his parents to Voldemort.

3.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the Golden Trio defy toad face and create the DA and teach Defence Against the Dark Arts to like minded students and Dumbledore explains to Harry that the prophecy regarding about hinself and Voldemort

4.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter becomes the 4th Triwizard Tournament champion faces a Dragon Merpeople The Unforgivable Curses are shown.Harry Potter has to escape from Voldemort that has Risen to full power.

5.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince It is where I feel that the Second War truly starts Harry Discovers the means Voldemort means to gain Immortality by means of Horcruxes and learn Voldemort's past to gain advantage in a foretold battle and Albus Dies at the end.

6.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry, Ron, and Hermione Granger discover that one of Hogwarts' founders, Salazar Slytherin, secretly built the Chamber of Secrets, which is rumoured to contain a monster that only Slytherin's heir can directly control the trio makes Polyjuice Potion.Harry unwittingly speaks Parseltongue.The Trio learns that the monster is a Basilisk

7.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry, Ron, and Hermione flee to 12 Grimmauld Place in London the minstry has fallen the Death Eaters have taken over both the minstry and Hogwarts Dobby Dies.Harry is the master of the Elder Wand Voldemort is Finally Killed for good but what makes me dislike this book is the death of Nymphadora Tonks.

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Re: Rank the Books

Postby Jaypeedee » September 23rd, 2014, 9:51 am

1. Prisoner of Azkaban. The plot of this book is as near perfect as you could wish, and you learn a lot more about the characters than in books 1 and 2. Sirius, Remus and Pettigrew are all masterful additions, as are the ideas of the Dementors and the Patronus spell. Interestingly, I think it's the only one of the books that they managed to make into a half-decent film - the only one I can watch without cringing anyway!

2. Goblet of Fire. I love the quidditch world cup and the expansion of the wizarding world to include other cultures. Krum is a bit of a stereotype, but very important in the context of the entire series in that it's arguably he who really sets the ball rolling in terms of Ron's and Hermione's brilliantly realised relationship. The description of the events in the graveyard is one of JKR's best sustained pieces of writing imo.

3. Half-Blood Prince. The first 5 chapters of this book constitute probably my favourite sequence in the entire sequence. I love the fact that we get some detail about how the magical and muggle worlds intersect with one another. It's also good to see Snape as he is away from Hogwarts, while Dumbledore's visit to the Dursleys is pure genius. Later on, it's interesting to get some glimpses of Dumbledore's flaws, which of course are dealt with in greater detail in TDH. JKR also handles Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's relationship issues exquisitely.

4. Deathly Hallows. When I first read this I couldn't put it down until I'd finished - it's just a classic page-turner, with so much of importance happening, and so many unpredictable plot twists. The developments in Ron's and Hermione's relationship, culminating in that dramatic first kiss, are superbly handled. The only reasons I haven't ranked it number one are that it's sometimes a very sad and painful read. I also found the conclusion to the book a bit anti-climactic.

5. Philosopher's Stone. A near-perfect introduction to the Harry Potter universe. It's too short though! I also don't like the way Hagrid lets Harry and Co. carry the can for getting caught trying to help him out by sending Norbert to Romania; seemed pretty cowardly to me. As for McGonagall's over-reaction to this "misdemeanour", I'm afraid it put me off her for good.

6. Chamber of Secrets. The flying Ford Anglia is fantastic, as is the idea of Riddle's diary. However, Aragog is a totally ludicrous creation. Arachnids such as spiders are female-dominated, and they hardly ever live in societies. In many species, the females like nothing better after mating with a male than having him for supper! The basilisk isn't well presented either - natural history definitely isn't JKR's stronpoint.

7. Order of the Phoenix. Umbridge is the most loathsome character in the entire series, worse even than Voldemort, and I find the fact that Dumbledore meekly sits back and lets her have her way very hard to stomach. The best bits are the events at the Ministry, and Harry smashing Dumbledore's possessions near the end. It was something I would have felt like doing too! :P

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