Reach out to the PFF members, Set up Your Own Shop and Advertise in the PFF Quibbler

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So, how does Diagon Alley work?

To set up shop in Diagon Alley, you'll need to pay a monthly rent.

You can either rent a Fireplace ($5 per month), which is just a link to your shop outside of PFF, or rent a Shop ($10 per month), which allows you to put your wares on here and do business from here, without needing to set up a shop anywhere else.

Diagon Alley Fireplace.  $5 per month
Diagon Alley Shop.  $10 per month
As a merchant, you can of course put links to your shop topic(s) in your signature and on other forums.

Guests are able to post in Diagon Alley, so they won't need to sign up to the forum in order to do business with you. You can also pay a little extra each month to have an ad for your shop appear in our monthly Quibbler. Costs vary - a small, text-only ad will cost much less than a big full-colour ad. (costs vary from $1 to $15)

Text link ad in the Quibbler.  $1
Small Ad in the Quibbler.  $5
Medium Ad in the Quibbler.  $10
Large Ad in the Quibbler.  $15