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VIP Area has been launched!

Posted on 15 October 2012 by Rhynn

Yes, the signs have been around the forum for a while, but we’re finally rolling it out!

From today on, you can get access to the Premium VIP Lounge! A subscription is $5 (US Dollars) a month. But if you buy for a whole year, you get a $10 discount, so the package only costs $50!

The money will all be used to pay for the server that runs the forum and to improve the forum. It’s become quite expensive, and by buying a VIP package, you help keep PFF up and running!

Of course you do get something for it in return. A little overview of what VIP members get:

  •  20 PFF points for a new topic in the VIP area, instead of the 10 in other parts of the forum
  • 10 PFF points for a new post in the VIP area, instead of the 5 in other parts of the forum
  • The ability to change your own username in your User Control Panel, instead of having to ask a Head Moderator or Headmaster
  • No flood limit – for normal members this is 30 seconds
  • 500 PFF points at the start of each month
  • First access to PFF news (no more than a day early, though)
  • First access to the new Quibbler (again no more than a day early, though)
  • VIP-only forum games – with post count!
  • VIP-only competitions
  • A Full Guide to Pottermore, but then in videos
  • A Special VIP Special Quibbler in the middle of each month
  • Coming soon: special areas for VIPs on the Daily Prophet and the front page

And of course what the VIPs themselves suggest! We’re always open to feedback and our VIPs will be a big part of keeping the forum up and running, as ads only support us a tiny bit.

VIP access can be bought through paypal and credit card, or by sending the money to ProfessorHagrid through snail mail – contact him for more information on this. We are currently looking into the possibility of other payment methods as we realize not everyone has paypal or a credit card.

A video explanation of how to sign up for the VIP area has already been posted here in the Daily Prophet, but I might as well include it here again, right? ;)

If there are any questions, please ask them in the comments, on the forum, through PM, or through e-mail!

6 Comments For This Post

  1. pipamonium Says:

    If we sign up for VIP will we be you new very awesome bestest best friend ever?

  2. Rhynn Says:

    Hahaha well I will be very present in the VIP area so I’m sure a wonderful friendship will bloom! ;)

  3. pipamonium Says:

    Hmm… only worth it if I can be a bestest best friend. rofl

  4. Rhynn Says:

    Well alright then, especially for you!

  5. pipamonium Says:

    Well all right then – I’m VIP -‘Very Intelligent Pipamonium’

  6. Retesh Says:

    I’m thinking she might put her Encyclopedia of Harry Potter up there. Maybe she does not want to write and pbluish it, when the information keeps growing. This would be a much better way of handling it. Add in all the other ideas and the forum and you have a great fan site.I hated the maze in the movies Snape was a jealous envious man bent on revenge for the death of his obsession love for a woman that did not love him. Snape was still an evil man that willing served Voldemort until he killed Lilly. Dumbledore is not his friend and Dumbledore was using Snape as a tool and knew he wanted to help avenge Lilly’s death and was only trusted because of this obsession.

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