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Posted on 18 October 2012

Professor MacGonagalls Office

A preview of one of the upcoming Chamber of Secrets moments

Today, the Pottermore Insider had a new update for us. It’s nothing much, but at least it shows that they’re working hard on the next chapters! The above is a preview of the moment Dumbledore Returns, from Chapter 18. We’ll likely be able to collect a Ginger Newt (loving the tartan tin!) and perhaps we can even snag her needlework…

Of course they have not yet released a date for the new chapters, but as this is art from the last CoS chapter and they’ve just finished putting the finishing touches on the Basilisk’s hiss, it’s likely to be within a few weeks.

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J. K. Rowling Pottermore Webcast

Posted on 18 October 2012

A little while ago, J. K. Rowling gave a live webcast. She answered many questions; some of which had been asked before already, others which are completely new.

One of the questions is which house she was sorted into on Pottermore. Curious? Just watch the webcast! It’s a little under an hour long, so take your time for it!

J. K. Rowling Live Webcast

Discuss in the comments!

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VIP Area has been launched!

Posted on 15 October 2012

Yes, the signs have been around the forum for a while, but we’re finally rolling it out!

From today on, you can get access to the Premium VIP Lounge! A subscription is $5 (US Dollars) a month. But if you buy for a whole year, you get a $10 discount, so the package only costs $50!

The money will all be used to pay for the server that runs the forum and to improve the forum. It’s become quite expensive, and by buying a VIP package, you help keep PFF up and running!

Of course you do get something for it in return. A little overview of what VIP members get:

  •  20 PFF points for a new topic in the VIP area, instead of the 10 in other parts of the forum
  • 10 PFF points for a new post in the VIP area, instead of the 5 in other parts of the forum
  • The ability to change your own username in your User Control Panel, instead of having to ask a Head Moderator or Headmaster
  • No flood limit – for normal members this is 30 seconds
  • 500 PFF points at the start of each month
  • First access to PFF news (no more than a day early, though)
  • First access to the new Quibbler (again no more than a day early, though)
  • VIP-only forum games – with post count!
  • VIP-only competitions
  • A Full Guide to Pottermore, but then in videos
  • A Special VIP Special Quibbler in the middle of each month
  • Coming soon: special areas for VIPs on the Daily Prophet and the front page

And of course what the VIPs themselves suggest! We’re always open to feedback and our VIPs will be a big part of keeping the forum up and running, as ads only support us a tiny bit.

VIP access can be bought through paypal and credit card, or by sending the money to ProfessorHagrid through snail mail – contact him for more information on this. We are currently looking into the possibility of other payment methods as we realize not everyone has paypal or a credit card.

A video explanation of how to sign up for the VIP area has already been posted here in the Daily Prophet, but I might as well include it here again, right? ;)

If there are any questions, please ask them in the comments, on the forum, through PM, or through e-mail!

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What is this I don’t even…

Posted on 15 October 2012

…that must be what you’re thinking right now! Right? Right!

Yes, it’s been only a few days since we launched the super duper awesome front page (tooting my own horn? Of course not, where’d you get that idea?!), and we already have something new for you. Which you’re reading right now, of course.

Here in- er, on the Daily Prophet, we’ll keep you updated with the latest PFF and Pottermore and other interesting news, fresh from the press! The link is of course right smack dab in the middle of the front page (Okay, okay, a little under that… nitpicker!) but I’m guessing you got here through the link I’m about to post in the forum’s Wizarding Wireless Network. Which will be there – FOREVER!

Unless we accidentally delete it, in which case we kindly ask you to sent us a letter full of hate demanding it back. Or ask nicely, we like that better.

We try to have something new for you daily (hence the Daily part of the name) but as Pottermore news can get kinda… slow… that might not happen.

If you have something interesting for us, please let us know so we can post it here! Credit where credit is due, of course. We’re still looking into the possibilities for allowing guests to post here; that may or may not happen in the future.

As you can see two posts below this one, we’re also working on a special VIP area! You might have already noticed the VIP Lounge part of the forum. We’re ironing out the last kinks, but yes… it’s coming! We’ll tell you more about it soon. Gotta save something for another blog post or I’ll have nothing to write about anymore ;)

Let’s see… I had something else to talk about but I completely forgot, so… yeah.

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