Staff Applications - Open

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Staff Applications - Open

Postby Riverfirebolt » July 18th, 2016, 3:17 pm

Staff Applications are now open

We are always looking for members of the forum who would like to help as staff members.

The two main roles we have available are Professors and Prefects.

Professors are responsible for the day to day running of the whole forum, dealing with moderation issues, running games and events, planning new things for the forum.
Professors need to have an average of an hour a day to dedicate to the forum, although this won't always be spent wholly on the site and they must be able to log on to keep up to date with events regularly. Because of the nature of certain parts of the role Professors must be 18 or older.

Prefects are concerned mainly with their Common Rooms, keeping activity up in the Common Room and running games etc in there. Prefects only need to have on average an hour every two days to spend on the site. Prefects must be 15 or older.

To apply for either role, you must meet the age requirements stated in the description, have or be willing to get a Skype account and have been reasonably active on the forum for at least 3 months before applying.

Given the current staffing levels we are especially interested in hearing from any Gryffindor who wants to get involved, but will of course consider all applicants from any house.

If you wish to apply for either role please complete the below form and PM it to Riverfirebolt.

PFF Username:
Position Applied for:
Do you have any Image Editing Experience?
Do you have any experience as a mod or an admin elsewhere?
Why do you want to apply for this role?
If applying for a Professor Role - Give an example of something you would like to do on the site, change or improve? (This doesn't have to be anything big, just an idea, or something you have seen and thought that would work better if we did it this way.)
If applying for a Prefect Role - Give an example of something you would like to do or change in the Common Room to bring up activity. (Again this can be something small, it just gives us an idea of how you see the role)

We are also interested in getting more members involved in different aspects of the site, if you would like to get involved in any way please let us know.

This could be something as small as running a game in your Common Room or in the Hogs Head, helping with artwork for the site, creating capsules for the machine, planning events, setting up new features, helping to promote the site on Social Media etc. Anything you want to try just let us know.